Integrated Master's Courses

An Integrated Master's qualification gives you the opportunity to progress from undergraduate to master's level within one integrated programme. This gives you the opportunity to explore your chosen subject in greater detail and to graduate with a more specialised qualification.

Integrated Master's programmes allow you to study for one extra year to achieve a higher level of qualification.  The additional, specialised subject knowledge and experience that you will gain will help you to stand out from the crowd in today's competitive job market.  

A significant benefit of undertaking an Integrated Master's, is that you can receive funding for the full duration of your course. If you apply for a Master’s course after completing an Honours degree, you won’t receive the same level of financial support from the government for your postgraduate study.

With an Integrated Master’s, your Maintenance Loan and Tuition Fee Loan are extended to cover the postgraduate part of the course.

How is an Integrated Master's different from a Master's (MA/MSc/MRes) qualification?

A Master's qualification typically takes two years to complete when studied full-time and requires the completion of 180 credits at level 7.  With an Integrated Master's qualification you will study 120 credits at level 7 in addition to the credits you will study at levels 4, 5 and 6 (years 1 to 3).  The fees for an MRes, MA or MSc qualification are different to those of an Integrated Master's and cannot currently be covered by a student loan.  

Why has UWTSD introduced new Integrated Master's programmes? 

We found that many of our students wanted to carry on their studies at the end of their three-year programmes and to study their subject of interest in even more detail. This is why we have invested in the development of some of our most popular courses, so that you now have the option to gain an Integrated Master's qualification in only four years.  

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