Student Record System (SRS) Project

Project Background

The University is currently undertaking a transformational project to merge the two existing Student Record Systems (Agresso and SITS) to one solution based on the SITS platform. The project implementation is being phased and implemented over a two year period for completion in December 2017. The project's objectives will support the university's strategic direction by:

  • Rationalising business workflow to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of administrative processes.
  • Improving the student experience by providing enhanced online self-service interfaces to applicants and students throughout their academic journey.
  • Providing a harmonised dataset for institution wide business intelligence reporting.
  • Improving data quality and integrity.

Project Timelines

 The project is being delivered in strands across two phased deployments

 Phase 1
Admissions - one unified admissions system October 2016
 Phase 2
One unified Student Record System across institution. Incorporates migration of data and processes from Agresso to SITS as well as additions and enhancements to business process functions for both staff and students. September 2017


Phase 1 - Admissions for 2017 Entry

Phase 1 of the Project will deliver a unified Admissions solution for both applicants and admissions processing staff.

From October 2016 all applicants applying through UCAS and UTT (UCAS Teacher Training) for entry in 2017/2018 will apply to one institution code – T80. Direct applicants will apply using the University's new on-line form.

UG and PGT admissions processing across the university will occur within the SITS online service. This means that Admissions Tutors and supporting staff in Swansea will no longer use Agresso to process admissions for 2017 entry onwards.

Phase 2 – Merge and Migration of Systems

Phase 2 of the project will focus on migrating the data and merging processes from the Agresso system, as well as enhancing and adding new services to the SITS platform. This is scheduled for delivery at the start of the academic year in September 2017. From this point onwards all staff and students across the institution will use the unified SITS platform.


For the processing of Swansea based applicants, students and courses

Academic Year 2016/2017 - The only change of system is for Admissions staff processing Swansea based applicants. From Oct 3rd 2016 all processing of Admissions for 2017 entry will be completed using the SITS based Online Paperless system. All other processes will continue to be administered in the Agresso QL / V4 system. For example, to query a Swansea based applicant you would use SITS; to query a Swansea based student you would query Agresso QLX, V4.

Academic Year 2017/2018 – All staff across the institution will use the unified SITS solution for administrative processing. Agresso will be retired. A full staff training programme will be implemented to prepare users moving to the new system.

For the processing of Carmarthen / Lampeter / London based students and courses

Academic Year 2016/2017 onwards - Continue to use the SITS based systems currently in use.

Function / System matrix

This matrix below summarises the functions and systems to use for the coming academic year 2016/2017 and onwards.

Function 16/17 17/18 onwards
Swansea student, applicant, course etc.
To query / process Applicant SITS SITS
To query / administer enrolled Student Agresso QLX V4 SITS
Carmarthen, Lampeter, London student, applicant, course etc.
To query / process Applicant SITS SITS
 To query / administer enrolled Student SITS SITS

The team are located on the Carmarthen Campus, level 1 of the Norah Isaac building and can be contacted via email or by phone on Carmarthen extension 5195 / 5194.