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  • Recent graduate Elanor Alun has put together a guide to possible careers that you could persue after studying Environmental Conservation at UWTSD.  You might be thinking it’s all trees and rare bunnies or something, and that would be fair enough; the tree-hugging hippy stereotype is well-earned. Many of us do exactly that. Some of us are doing it at the same time as writing these words. But! To give you a broader idea, here are just some of the fields you can go into with an Environmental Conservation degree:  

  • 27.07.2016

    Samantha Dearden is a Motorsport Management graduate, Japanese car enthusiast and owner at Undercover Imports: an e-Commerce Japanese car accessories, parts and lifestyle products business. Samantha also works on freelance contracts within the motorsport industry, as and when they arise, such as marketing and handling events for motorsport teams, including a top qualifying British Drift Championship driver and team. We asked Samantha a few questions: 

  • 27.07.2016

    Nathan Munkley chose BSc Computer Networks instead of Computer Science. He achieved a First Class honours degree in July 2016 and secured a job the day after his final exam. What's even better than getting a first? Getting British Computer Society accredited too! We asked Nathan a few questions:

  • 29.07.2016

    Harley Gasson is employed by McLaren and is responsible for the cranktrain, valvetrain and ancillary systems for the V8 engine in its various forms, powering McLaren Automotive’s range of vehicles. 

  • 27.07.2016

    Aidan Kiely was one of the first three graduates to complete the MEng Computer Systems and Electronics (Applied Environmental Engineering) with a First Class Honors. There has long been a demand in industry for the computer expert who can understand the hardware, software and communications aspect of computer and electronic systems. All of these skills were put into practice on the programme.  The Masters of Engineering in Applied Environmental Engineering is in partnership with the company, Power and Water for students to work on real-life projects, building solutions that will be taken all over the world. Power and Water take Environmental problems like spills, acid rain, stuff leaking out of mines and build solutions. 

  • 13.07.2016

    Reham came to Swansea after leaving friends and family back home in a war zone. Reham is from Yemen and struggled with containing her worry for her family but used this uneasiness to push herself to work harder so that her family would be proud. Gaining a first class honours Bachelor of Science degree in Business Information Systems would certainly do that! Reham volunteered and applied for every student job, or position available in the University as student ambassador, student experience rep, faculty rep, online ambassador, International student officer and more. She did this to get involved with University opportunities and gain fulfilment through student experiences. Marketing Officer Jamie Tavender says “Reham is hardworking, talented and her enthusiasm is infectious. She has helped out at every opportunity and was invaluable at open days.” What was nice about working with Reham is that she valued and appreciated all opportunities available at the University and she made the most of those opportunities. Every morning considering people who would wish to be in her shoes. 

  • 8.06.2016

    Recently, a group of second year BSc Project & Construction Management, BSc Building Surveying  and BSc Architectural Technology students had the opportunity to visit the BRE Innovation Park in Watford.

  • 12.05.2016

    On the 12th May 2016, a group of Post Graduate students from the MSc Property and Facilities Management and the MSc Sustainable Construction Programmes (School of Architecture, Built and Natural Environments), paid a visit to Swansea Waste Treatment Facility. 

  • 17.12.2015

    The School of Automotive Engineering have sponsored University race teams and taught Motorsport Engineering for 21 years. By running professional teams our students get real-life, hands-on experience and are able to engage with real-world projects based on that experience. Their focused research and development improve aspects of Motorsport such as data acquisition, safety, aerodynamics, modifications, reconditioning, electrics, etc.

  • 20.10.2015

    Power because architecture has a profound influence upon the way we live – buildings and places in which we live, work and play shape our lives. Pleasure because buildings can delight and surprise us – they are the settings for all the exciting and memorable events in life.  On Thursday, 3 March 2015 there will be a Taster Session for anyone who is interested in architecture and the wide variety of career opportunities to which this programme could lead - our booking form is at the end of this article. 

  • 23.09.2015

    The School of Architecture, Built and Natural Environments at UWTSD Swansea is launching a new course, BSc Architecture, for September 2016.

  • 10.09.2015

    The School of Applied Computing at the University of Wales Trinity Saint David (UWTSD) were proud to sponsor SwanseaCon 2015, an Agile Development & Software Craftsmanship conference that took place in Swansea on the 7th and 8th of September.

  • 16.07.2015

    As the team has now reached the mid-point for the season, it’s time to do a review of the races so far and to look forward to the remaining races in the season. At this mid-season point, the team is currently in 7th position in the championship standings. The team would be delighted to see you at any of the remaining rounds of the 2015 season. If you are not able to attend any of the races remember that during race weekends you can follow live timings on the TSL website www.tsl-timing.com and regular updates are posted to the Swansea Motorsport Facebook page or the @UWTSD_TeamMCR Twitter page.

  • 10.06.2015

    "It was once said that Swansea was named after this small mammal (Swine sea). They were affectionately known as puffing pigs and Swansea Bay was reputedly full of them. Sadly their numbers are declining but research such as that carried out by UWTSD staff and students helps build a clearer picture of the health of our seas" Dr Rhian Jenkins   School of Architecture, Built & Natural Environments

  • 7.05.2015

    'We specialise in interactive software and work with local and global companies to create awesome software!'   Darren Adams, Managing Director Chaos Trends, Computer Games Development graduate

  • 24.04.2015

    Project Enduro is a prime example of the University’s innovative work with partners. The project attracted financial support from the Welsh Government and the European Regional Development Fund, with the aim of developing a four-wheeled downhill, gravity-powered mountain bike, primarily for the use of disabled riders.

  • 23.03.2015

    Guest Speaker Simon Bevan visited UWTSD Swansea to share his experience of working at Google. In 2005, when Simon started working as an Accounts Manager, having previously worked abroad as a translator, Google’s Revenue stood at $6.1bn and the company employed 4,100 people, by 2014 revenue increased to $66bn and  it had 53,000 employees. Simon, who hails from Tenby, in Pembrokeshire, said: “Working for Google I had to change my mind-set to keep up with the speed of change.”

  • 26.03.2015

    Students studying in the School of Engineering, Manufacturing and Logistics at UWTSD Swansea were able to share the experiences of MSc Lean and Agile Manufacturing graduate Jamie Lean. Jamie works for Tata Steel in Port Talbot, his career started in 1991 through an apprentice. Jamie said: “I studied up to HNC Level 4 and then stopped to concentrate on my job, however, academically and professionally the HNC was not enough, my horizons had been broadened and expectations had been raised. I was coasting and capable of more so started my BEng in 2001 and completed in 2006.” Jamie then continued onto the MSc in Lean and Agile Manufacturing for many reasons – pure enjoyment of the subject and personal achievement, the want to test and push himself to prove he was capable of more. Professionally the world had moved on and the BEng was no longer enough, expectations had been raised even further. Jamie also wanted Professional Accreditation and the main reason for completing the MSc was for career enhancement. Jamie said: “The MSc sets you apart, the BEng qualification has almost become the standard. I also had to increase my knowledge base, moving into manufacturing. It’s not easy – it’s not meant to be easy but I would do it again and I would choose UWTSD because of the support offered by the tutors who have also become my friends. I am now a senior manager, briefing and advising Directors. It would not have been possible to secure this role without the MSc.”

  • 11.02.2015

    Most practitioners involved in fieldwork are of the firm belief that it is a ‘good thing’. Staff at the School of the Built and Natural Environment hold the conviction that students on the BSc and MSc Environmental Conservation learn better in the field rather than in the classroom, that fieldwork offers the best means for students to grasp the fundamental concepts associated with environmental disciplines and that it is essential to acquiring the generic and subject-specific skills that will equip them for future employment. The overriding view, is that fieldwork is a vital component of learning offering a ‘hands on’ approach to studying environmental sciences.

  • 23.03.2015

    Do you want to know a secret?Go on a student trip then. It’s a chance to meet people from other courses and find out things you didn’t know. Where better to go for this than the home of one of the World’s best-kept secrets – Bletchley Park.

  • 27.03.2015

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  • We are one of the very few student led motorcycle race teams and the only one with student riders competing in Europe. The team started with 7 like minded students from UWTSD who are all currently working towards bachelors degrees in motorcycle/automotive engineering. We came together to build, develop and race motorcycles so that we could apply what we learn throughout our degree to the track.