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Wales Institute for Work-based Learning
Dr Annette Fillery Travis Head of the Wales Institute for Work-based Learning 
Dr Christine Davies Senior Lecturer in WBL
Lowri Harris Senior Lecturer in WBL
Andrew Edwards University Fellow
Bridget Moseley Lecturer in WBL
Julie Crossman  Lecturer in WBL 
Nick Samuel Lecturer in WBL
Sarah Loxdale Lecturer in WBL  
Ann Beaumont WIWBL Administrative Officer
Professor Danny Saunders OBE Visiting Professor  
Wales Institute for Work-based Learning: GWLAD Project
Dr Rhianon Washington Academic Manager
Heather Fish Deputy Academic Manager / Lecturer CCT
Lynsey Edwards Executive Project Officer
Martin Locock Principal Project Officer
Carwyn Edwards Senior Monitoring Officer (CCT)
Rhianydd Herdman Senior Recruitment Officer 
Maddie Hinkin Senior Recruitment Officer 
Wendy Williams Administrative Officer   
Charlotte Millward  Administrative Officer  
Will Snoad TEL Multimedia Developer 
Steve Darnell Lecturer 
Mair O’Connor Lecturer 
Dr. Eunice Kimaliro Lecturer 
Stephanie Meyer Lecturer 
Joanna Blomfield Mentor / Lecturer 
Julie Crossman Mentor / Lecturer 
Helen Davies Professional Learning Fellows 
Cynyr Ifan Professional Learning Fellows 
Cary Ifan Lecturer 
Workforce Development Fellows:

Andy Edwards
Craig Flannery
Danielle Griffiths
Anthony Gwyther
Del Harries
Gail Pearce-Taylor
Terry Rumble
Rhodri Walters

Gail Pearce-Taylor
Mair O'Connor
Mike Harris
Steve Darnell
Nichola Welton