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Applied Leadership and Management in the Workplace (BA, DipHE)

This programme is subject to re-validation.

Looking for a step onto, or a leap up, the career ladder? Looking to study for a degree in a venue close to you, while continuing your employment? Learn and develop workplace leadership and management strategies with our Applied Leadership and Management in the Workplace certificate.

This programme explicitly focuses on future employability and career progression by introducing you to the approaches, strategies and skills considered essential for employment. The role of discussion and debate in the resolution of problems, development of your emotional intelligence and ability to work effectively, independently and in a team, and reflective practice, are some of the areas covered.

Entry is via an online application, and no previous qualification is required. These programmes offer opportunities to be taught in a variety of community-based centres. Programme delivery is during weekday evenings and weekend days – for example, a Saturday day followed by three Tuesday evenings and so on — to allow for full-time employment parallel to studies.

All successful candidates on the CertHE programme graduate with a Certificate of Higher Education and a Level 4 Certificate in Leadership and Management from ILM and will be offered a progression onto a full BA (Hons) which is taught in the same way.

All successful candidates on the BA programme graduate with a BA (Hons) Degree certificate and a certificate of professional Standing from the Institute of Leadership and Management.

After one year of successful studies, Cert HE students will graduate with dual accreditation, certification, and ILM digital recognition. Successful students can then progress onto the Dip HE or BA top-up programmes.

All successful candidates on the BA programme graduate with a UWTSD degree certificate, a certificate of professional standing from the Institute of Leadership and Management, plus the opportunity for free post-nominals for a period of up to 3 months.

We are providing our final year students with an option of gaining a ILM Level 5 Certificate in Coaching and Mentoring.

Please apply to Carmarthen for administrative purposes. Teaching will take place in the community at your preferred location. 


You can apply directly to the University using the Apply Now button at the top of the page. 

Please apply to Carmarthen for administrative purposes. Teaching will take place in the community at your preferred location. 

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Contact Email: alamo@uwtsd.ac.uk

Tuition Fees 2023/24:
Home (Full-time): £9,000 per year
Overseas (Full-time): £13,500 per year

Why choose this course?

  1. Students are able to build their knowledge of business, management and leadership, culminating in the development of strategies, plans and informed critique
  2. Opportunity and flexibility to be taught at an outreach, community based venue near to where they live/work, combined with online study, targeting those already working as well as those seeking new employment opportunities
  3. All modules have been mapped to either professional or awarding bodies in this field
  4. Modules are adjusted to better reflect the requirements of employers and organisations in the modern, post-pandemic marketplace
  5. Coaching and mentoring has become an increasingly important facet of leadership; we are providing out students with an option of gaining a ILM Level 5 Certificate in coaching and Mentoring should they wish to take it up.

What you will learn

Course Overview

The programme aims are:

  • To provide learners with an opportunity to study for an award explicitly focused towards future employability and career progression
  • To introduce students to approaches, strategies and skills considered essential for employment within a generic context
  • To familiarise with discussion and debate in the process and resolution of problems
  • To develop students’ critical thinking in support of more effective and efficient decision making
  • To provide students with a range of learning experiences that are designed to assist students in the acquisition and application of knowledge
  • To enable learners to become reflective managers, able to define and achieve both personal and professional targets including responsibility for future learning and professional development.
Module Topics

Year One — Level 4 (Cert HE, Dip HE & BA)

  • Contemporary Challenges: Making a Difference (20 credits; compulsory; Graduate Attributes Framework module)
  • Continuous Professional Development (20 credits; compulsory)
  • Enterprise and Intrapreneurship (20 credits; compulsory)
  • Learning in the Digital Era (20 credits; compulsory; Graduate Attributes Framework module)
  • Management Communication (20 credits; compulsory)
  • Problem Solving and Decision Making (20 credits; compulsory).

Year Two — Level 5 (Dip HE & BA)

  • Changemakers Building your Personal Brand for Sustainable Employment (20 credits; compulsory; Graduate Attributes Framework module)
  • Changemakers Creativity and Value Creation (20 credits; compulsory; Graduate Attributes Framework module)
  • Developing a High-Performance Culture (20 credits; compulsory)
  • Developing the Learning Organisation (20 credits; compulsory)
  • Developing Workplace Critical Thinking (20 credits; compulsory)
  • Understanding and Engaging in the Customer Experience (20 credits; compulsory).

Year Three — Level 6 (BA)

  • Coaching and Mentoring (20 credits; compulsory)
  • Emotional Intelligence (20 credits; compulsory)
  • Independent Project (40 credits; compulsory; Graduate Attributes Framework module)
  • Inspiring Leadership (20 credits; compulsory)
  • Leading and Implementing Workplace Change (20 credits; compulsory).

Assessments are devised to maximise the link between theory and practice and allow students to demonstrate intellectual rigour and to reflect critically on their own workplace experiences.

Differing means of assessment are employed to enable students to demonstrate their learning in various ways such as reports, reflective work, presentations, individual and some group work, although there is always individual assessment. Formative assessment is utilised to enhance leaner understanding and to build learner confidence, as well as to identify where additional tutorial support may be needed. For formative assessments quizzes can be enjoyable and work well. Students are encouraged to bring their own research to class for sharing with others who contribute.

Feedback will generally be provided through the online platform, Moodle. The programme team also provide face to face feedback in order to ensure that students appreciate and learn from the feedback provided and are able to discuss all aspects of their performance and lessons which may be applied in the future.

In summary, in order to create competent reflective practitioners, the programme will:

  • Encourage students to undertake independent reading and research to broaden their individual knowledge and understanding of the subject
  • Employ assessment methods that place an emphasis on critical analysis, evaluation and reflective practice
  • Test the knowledge and skill base through assessed coursework and practical exercises.
Graduate Attributes Framework

This Framework aims to develop your professional skills and competence alongside your academic subject knowledge. You’ll study up to 40 credits per level throughout your programme from the Graduate Attributes Framework.

The Graduate Attribute modules are designed to enable you to develop, and evidence, a range of career-focused skills related to your subject area. These skills include digital competency, research and project management, as well as such personal competencies as communication, creativity, self-reflection, resilience and problem-solving. 

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Key Information

  • Andrew Maund
  • Michaela Schriek (Quality Assurance Manager)
  • Mark Bell-Davies (Year 5 Tutor)
  • Paul Tinkler (Year 6 Tutor)
  • Bethlyn Lowden
  • Brian Taylor
  • Robert Wilson
  • Gavin Hill-John
Entry Criteria

Grades are important; however, our offers are not solely based on academic results. We are interested in creative people that demonstrate a strong commitment to their chosen subject area and therefore we welcome applications from individuals from a wide range of backgrounds.

To assess student suitability for their chosen course we normally arrange interviews for all applicants at which your skills, achievements and life experience will be considered as well as your qualifications.

Career Opportunities

The programme is focused on developing mature students’ leadership and management skills and their application to the workplace.

After successful completion of the standalone level 4 programme, students can leave the University with both a level 4 Cert HE and an ILM level 4 Certificate in Leadership and Management. Most successful students choose to progress and to continue their full-time studies by undertaking a 2-year BA top-up. The 2-year BA in Leadership & Management also offers progressing students professional recognition given by the Institute of Leadership and Management, whose mission is to “Inspire Great Leadership”.

Employer engagement provides opportunities for networking and greater understanding of the field of study, and helps the university anticipate the potential future needs of employers. Employers and Awarding bodies are consulted at the point of the material design and module content as well as an input on the programme in shape of speakers from industry.

Additional Costs

As an institution, we seek to continually enhance the student experience and as a result, additional costs may be incurred by the student on activities that will add value to their education.

It is possible to complete this programme of study without any additional costs. Students may wish to register for an ILM L5 Coaching and Mentoring certificate at an additional cost of £160.

Bursary / Scholarship Information

You may be eligible for funding to help support your study. To find out about scholarships, bursaries and other funding opportunities that are available please visit our Bursaries and Scholarships section.