Staff Member Yohan Mendis

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Yohan Mendis

Programme Manager (Skills for the Workplace)


Programme Manager (Skills for the Workplace)

Yohan joined UWTSD in 2018 as a Lecturer in Business. Since then, he has held responsibilities in a number of academic roles and has contributed to the development of teaching and learning, enhancing student satisfaction whilst maintaining high academic standards.

He holds the Postgraduate Diploma in Marketing offered by the Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM) and a Master's in science with a specialisation in e-Business Management. As a Lecturer in Business and Management, Yohan has worked in many academic institutions in UK and abroad.

In 2015, Yohan successfully completed the Professional Certificate in Teaching and Learning in Higher and Professional Education offered by the Institute of Education (IOE) making him a qualified lecturer to teach in higher and professional education.

Yohan has many years of experience as a marketing professional in a variety of industries. He also has years of retail operations experience working for an internationally renowned consumer durable brand. Prior to that Yohan worked in Telecommunication services, being an active member of a team and providing training on personal effectiveness and selling.

In his spare time, Yohan loves to take part in cricket, basketball and outdoor adventures such as hiking, abseiling, and mountain biking.

  • Strategic marketing, in particular competitive strategies
  • Digital Marketing
  • Consumer behaviour
  • Life-long learning
  • Inclusivity in higher education