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About Us

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A unique centre that offers specialised degrees providing students with solid technique along with a broad understanding of the creative industries in Wales and beyond.

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Canolfan Berfformio Cymru is a lively melting pot of actors, singers and dancers of the future. The course’s work ethic is based on respect and collaboration. This stems from the support the students receive from the committed and professional staff. Our students form close groups, developing personal and professional relationships that last for years. 

Our main objectives are:

  • Develop multidiscipline, confident performers
  • Develop performers who have, knowledge of and strong links with the Creative Industries in Wales and beyond 
  • Provide constant practical experiences that will prepare the students for work as a professional performer
  • Develop the students’ understanding of the importance of transferable skills that will be the lynchpin of their careers as performers. During their studies, the students will be given opportunities to develop a wide range of skills. They will nurture these skills in order to be able to work professionally and to take advantage of the increasing call for capable, flexible and reliable performers.

The experiences gained by the students will be rich, in-depth, and timely and varied, ensuring that they are prepared thoroughly for a number of different careers relating to performance.