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“There is not enough mobile developer talent (iOS talent in particular amongst the folks we talk to in mobile retail) to feed consumer and enterprise demand for apps.” Ayo, Omojola (2013) Forbes

With an estimate of 40% of sales now coming from mobile phones there is a great demand for . Although mainstream computing skills and knowledge are still required by industry, the world of computing has evolved into a diverse set of specialist areas and mobile computing is one such area. Graduates from this programme will be equipped with skills and knowledge at the forefront of their discipline to meet the specialised needs of this industry, thus enhancing graduate employability.

Secret in a Bottle

Legend tells of a transcript lost at sea which holds the secret to success. Slingshot your way past deadly obstacles and discover it’s secret.

The School of Applied Computing: Mobile Computing and Application Development are launching an App called Secret in a Bottle. This can be downloaded from Google Play and Apple Store for Free.

The secret is written by creative writer Nick Sinclair who also has a creative games design background. The App was created by a company called Chaos Trends based at Swansea Campus. Chaos Trends is run by three UWTSD Graduates:

  • Managing Director - Darren Adams -  graduate
  • Creative Director - Ian Malsbury -  graduate
  • Technical Director - John Franklin -  graduate

At present the highest score is 40. Can you beat the score to reveal this secret? Let us know how you get on and enjoy a bit of fun in these fast paced times.