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Many students will be struggling to balance working from home with caring for children, or are key workers who are asked to take extra shifts and all of us coming to terms with the new restrictions. 

The University is working hard to ensure that you will be able to continue with your course and graduate, but we realise that these are difficult times for all.

We have collated some key information to help answer any questions you may have about how COVID-19 may affect your studies.

Important: Electronic timetable for Campuses in Wales

(some timetables are being finalised and these include elements of WIAV, CBC, TDP Carmarthen and MA Contemporary Dialogues, Swansea.  These should be finalised within the next few days).

 Your timetable for the academic year is available on the HWB app.  Please do not print this information as it is subject to change, particularly as a result of the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic and Welsh Government directives.

 In order to ensure the health and wellbeing of all students and staff, it is important that you always refer to the electronic version of your timetable.  This will ensure that you have the correct information and will avoid any confusion and the potential of large groups gathering in any location at one time.  The timetable has been designed to ensure that the University can comply with health and safety requirements during the coronavirus pandemic, including the need to facilitate social distancing within our buildings. 

 The timetable contains the module title, lecturer and location.  If the session is held on-campus the name of the building and room is included; if it is delivered online it will indicate Online.  It is a live document and should be checked daily as any changes could be made at very short notice, e.g. if we need to move a class from on-campus to online delivery. Checking your online timetable will therefore avoid any unnecessary travel to the campuses.

 The health and safety of our community is our priority and we appreciate your co-operation

Track, Trace and Protect

The University is working with Public Health Wales and Local Authorities to control the spread of the coronavirus as part of the Welsh and UK Governments’ approach to testing and contact tracing by:

  • testing those people who have Coronavirus symptoms, asking them to self-isolate
  • tracing those individuals who have been in close contact with the person who has tested positive
  • providing advice and guidance to vulnerable people or those at greater risk, and
  • ensuring that individuals can get back to work, study and their normal routines as soon as possible.


For more information, visit:

Test, Trace, Protect: your questions (for people living in Wales)

Test and Trace: how it works (for people living in England)

The health and wellbeing of our community is of paramount importance. Please download the ‘NHS COVID-19’ App from the app store on your phone to help trace recent contacts of anyone who tests positive for coronavirus.

When on campus scan the nearest QR code on arrival (these will be located across our locations).

For those without a smartphone, paper-based registration will be available in local Reception areas and catering outlets.

Whilst providing your data is voluntary for your visit to campus, it is compulsory in our campus dine-in outlets.  However, we would request that you provide the information when attending the campuses so we can try to ensure a safe environment at UWTSD for students, staff and visitors alike.





What to do if you develop Coronavirus symptoms away from the University?

If you develop any of the Coronavirus symptoms away from the University, however mild, you must:


The COVID-19 online symptom checker (or NHS 111) can tell you if you need medical help.


What to do if you develop Coronavirus symptoms on University premises?

If you are a non-residential student and start to develop any of the Coronavirus symptoms whilst on University premises:

  • Please apply a face covering if you have one.
  • Ensure you keep a 2m distance from anyone else.
  • Contact campus security immediately and follow their instructions to isolate you from others until arrangements can be made for you to go home or, if you are very unwell, to hospital.
  • At home you must:


If you are a University residential student and start to feel unwell with symptoms whilst on University premises:

  • Remain or return to your accommodation (applying a face covering if you have one ensuring you follow social distancing from anyone else).
  • Contact campus security immediately and follow their instructions
  • notify your programme director as soon as practicable
  • further guidance will be issued to you and your ‘household’ regarding self-isolation and coronavirus testing
While I am isolating in University residences, how can I obtain essential supplies of food?

If you are living in a University residence, please contact for help obtaining food and other essential supplies. We’ll call in with all isolating students regularly to ensure that anything you need can be dealt with as soon as possible. Most students are using local supermarkets and doing online deliveries, but all this information will be with you in your flat if you have to isolate.

Can I return home whilst isolating, rather than remaining at my term-time address?

No, you should remain at your term-time address and isolate there along with other members of your ‘household’. Travelling to an alternative address risks the unnecessary spread of the virus.


What do I need to do, as a student, if I am contacted by the Test & Protect Team and informed that I am a close contact of a confirmed case?

You should follow the guidance you are given on self-isolation and notify teaching staff of your absence where you would do so normally. If you are in a University residence, you should notify the accommodation team as soon as possible remaining in your residence for the required period of isolation.

What is the cleaning regime in University residences?

Regular enhanced cleaning will take place in high traffic areas and shared spaces. Enhanced cleaning protocols will be applied where persons are showing symptoms or tested positive for Coronavirus.


What arrangements are in place for teaching?

UWTSD students can be reassured that our blended approach to learning and teaching will ensure a seamless transition from face-to-face to online delivery as future circumstances dictate ensuring that you are able to complete your studies as planned.

 Earlier this year the University transferred all of its teaching online, adjusted assessments, and took the necessary steps to ensure that the vast majority of our students were able to either complete their awards or progress to the next level of study. Building on our current experience, we are looking to deliver the very best educational experience for our students integrating face-to-face teaching on campus with online delivery.

We are considering all possible approaches to timetabling including a staggered approach to reduce pinch points in order to ensure that we can offer as many face-to-face learning opportunities as possible.

 We want to ensure that we offer a flexible, creative learning environment that makes the best use of the students’ time on campus and supports practical learning and social activities within the social distancing government guidelines.

What if there’s a second wave of Coronavirus?

UWTSD students can be reassured that our blended approach to learning and teaching will ensure a seamless transition from face-to-face to online delivery as future circumstances dictate ensuring that you are able to complete your studies as planned.

International Students

For further information email

**Important Information for International Students

Airport pick up:


Self-Isolation: Students on campus  


Please refer to the Welsh Government website for an update to date list of exempt countries and contact if you require support for Quarantine.


Students will need to consider bringing enough clothes for two weeks to Quarantine as there will be no access to washing machines for the first two weeks.


The Accommodation team will:

  • Provide accommodation in isolation bubbles in groups of students that have the same arrival date
  • Where possible provide en-suite accommodation
  • Provide a welcome pack to include information on the Student Hwb, Campus Security, IT Service Desk information and how to connect to Wifi
  • Provide 2 sets of bedding and arrange to collect laundry after 2 successful weeks of isolation
  • Arrange, should students wish longer term accommodation until the end of semester 1 if there is availability

The Catering Team will:

  • Provide a meal for arrival and any other meals up until a food delivery can be arranged. This could include pasta, rice or noodles, fruit, bottled water, flapjack or protein bar, bread, milk, tea, coffee but food type will complement the arrival time. This will be left in packs in kitchens within the halls
  • Order shopping online to be delivered to halls to cover meals for 2 weeks
  • After isolation ends ensure students have all the information needed to use on site catering facilities should the stay extend beyond 2 weeks

The Facilities Team will:

  • Provide cleaning equipment and advice on how to use your communal space whilst reducing the risk of any cross contamination
  • Provide students with crockery and cutlery and the means to keep these clean
  • Provide parcel delivery service where we have ability to contact students
  • Provide a weekly collection of rubbish outside of your flat door
  • Provide a check in call to ensure students have the opportunity to raise any issues linked to accommodation or wellbeing
  • Provide a cleaning service of the areas outside of your accommodation and a full deep clean of all areas within your accommodation after 2 weeks of successful isolation
  • Provide a 24/7 emergency contact service for all students
  • Provide advice and guidance of how to successfully isolate within your halls
  • Help provide you any sanitary items you may have forgotten as well as a stock of toilets rolls to see you through the duration of your isolation


We ask students to:

  • Strictly follow the advice and guidance given around your isolation period
  • Ensure you follow the guidance on living in halls whilst isolating
  • Report to us as soon as possible should you show any symptoms of the virus
  • Ensure you provide us with contact details in order we reach you quickly should we need to
  • Ensure you keep your accommodation clean and tidy and leave it as you find it
  • Enjoy your stay and let us know if there is anything, we can do to make your stay as comfortable as possible


**NEW** I am due to start my programme in September/October 2020. How will this be delivered?

We hope that students will be able to study at least the first term/semester on a blended delivery model. Access to teaching material and support will be available online and, for those who are studying in the UK, some tutorials or teaching sessions will be available on campus in small groups, maintaining social distancing and practicing good hygiene. For the small number of courses where a blended model may not be practical, we will communicate with applicants about options such as alternative programmes or deferring.

**NEW** If I start my studies online, will I be able to come to the UK to study afterwards?

As soon as the UK Government recommendations allow us to safely open all of our campuses, and travel restrictions are lifted, you could progress to study the next term/semester as normal. Please note that you may still need to consider possibilities such as a period of self-isolation, for example.

**NEW** I hope to study my programme online initially and may want to consider travelling to the UK at a later point. Do I need to organise a visa as normal?

As you will not be travelling to the UK initially, you will not need to apply for a visa for the start of your programme. If and when you are ready to attend in the UK, we will work with you to apply for a visa. Please note that you will still need to meet the requirements for a tier 4 visa application and we remind you to prepare this in advance, to allow for faster processing.

**NEW** How much financial evidence will I need to consider for my application, if I intend to arrive the UK at a later point?

We will clarify this amount when you intend to start the course, but generally, this will be the remainder of your tuition fee (if you have not paid in full) plus your living costs (as defined by UKVI).

**NEW** How much do I need to pay if I hope to take my first term/semester online, before travelling to the UK to resume my studies?

You will need to pay the deposit. You can pay for your tuition fee in full in advance, if you wish – this allows you to show a smaller amount for your financial evidence.

**NEW** How will I enrol?

If you hope to study your programme online, your documents will be checked remotely. You will receive a link to enrol, allowing you access to our systems. We are planning enrolment in more detail and will update you in more detail in the coming months.



**NEW** I need to provide evidence that I meet the English language requirements, what do you accept?
**NEW** I need to provide evidence that I meet the academic requirements, but due to COVID-19 outbreak, I will not be able to provide them in time. What can I do?

At present, our recommendation is to seek a deferral to the next available intake.

**NEW** How does the current lockdown affect UWTSD students?

You can find some of the information our students are receiving here:

**NEW** I’d like to defer; will this affect my tuition fee?

If you hope to defer within the 20/21 academic year, we will honour the fee on your offer letter. If you hope to defer to the 21/22 academic year (during or after September 2021), you will be subject to any fee updates that may occur.

Information for International Students

In light of the current Public Health situation in the UK, the UK government has issued some new guidance for visa holders who are in the UK such as international students. The attached government factsheet sets out the detail of these changes.

In brief, the UK government appreciates that some visa holders may be unable to travel back home at present before their current visa expires due to travel restrictions in their home country or due to the fact they may be self-isolating at present. If this is  the case there is a process that can now be followed that will enable them to stay in the UK for a longer period. This is via an email notification to the UKVI. Details are contained on the factsheet on how to apply for this short extension and if this situation applies to you we would ask that you initially contact the University at to help guide you through this process. 

In addition, this factsheet also confirms that Tier 4 students who are undertaking online teaching due to the current situation in the UK can do so without it impacting their visa status. This is the case regardless of whether the student is in the UK or overseas.

We hope this provides you all with the assurances you need from a visa perspective at this unsettling time and if you need any assistance at all at this difficult time please do not hesitate to contact the University at where the international registry team will be able to assist you.



Important UKVI information

The exceptional policy from UKVI has been extended to 31 July 2020.

Students who have already contacted UKVI and received confirmation that their stay had been extended to 31 May do not need to contact UKVI again – their stay is automatically extended to 31 July 2020.

Students whose leave is due to expire between 01 June and 31 July and who cannot travel home due to the pandemic should contact UKVI using the appropriate email address and seek permission to stay.

Find out more here


Still need more information?

The University will continue to provide updates to you through the Bulletin, but you can also ask questions through the Hwb and the Students Union