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Last Updated: 21 August 2020

We recognise that the coronavirus outbreak is unprecedented and are therefore implementing measures to keep staff updated.  The University considers the safety, health and well-being of our staff and students as the upmost priority. We are monitoring the situation and please check this website regularly to keep up to date with the latest advice. 

For staff related queries not covered by these FAQs please email Cyfathrebu-Communications@uwtsd.ac.uk

Student related queries should be directed to the Hwb  hwb@uwtsd.ac.uk 

Important information for Managers


What should I do if a member of staff contacts me to tell me they have Coronavirus symptoms?

If this is when they are away from University premises inform them to:

  • NOT come to the University or go to a GP surgery, pharmacy or hospital.
  • Follow self-isolation guidance from government here for people living in Wales, and here for people living in England.
  • Apply for a test here for people living in Wales and here for people living in England.

If this is when they are on University premises inform them to:

  • Apply a face covering if they have one.
  • Ensure they follow government guidance and social distance from anyone else.
  • Ensure campus security is contacted immediately and follow their instructions to isolate them from others until arrangements can be made for them to go home.
What should I do if a member of staff contacts me to tell me they have tested positive for Coronavirus?

Instruct them to follow the Government self-isolation guidance and to keep you informed of their health status (as normal for sickness absence). If a staff member becomes ill and is unable to work as a result of suspected/confirmed COVID-19, this should be recorded in the normal way as sickness absence and the University's Sickness Absence Procedure applies.

They may work remotely if they are well enough and are able to do so. The staff member will be contacted by the Test, Trace, Protect Team to identify and inform their close contacts.

A member of my team has been instructed to self-isolate by the Test, Trace and Protect Team, what do I do?

We have advised staff that they should notify their line manager that they are required to self-isolate. If they remain well enough, and are able to work remotely, they may do so for the duration of the isolation period. If they become unwell and are too unwell to continue to work, they should inform you and the normal sickness absence procedures will apply. If they test positive for Coronavirus during this period, they should notify you.

For more information, visit Test, Trace, Protect: your questions (people living in Wales) and Test and Trace: how it works (people living in England).

Returning to Campus

I want to bring a team member/s back to working on campus, what do I do?

The health and wellbeing of our staff is the highest priority and certain COVID control measures are required to ensure a safe working environment for all staff. The University has produced guidance for managers of staff who are identified as being required to return to the campus. Those staff identified as being required to return to campus will need to be issued with the COVID-19 Individual Risk Assessment. Staff will not be permitted to return to campus without having undertaken an Individual Risk Assessment. The purpose of the individual risk assessment is to identify whether staff fall into a low, medium or high-risk category in respect of COVID-19 so that appropriate measures can be put in place to support them.  Please contact your HR Business Partner for further information.

All staff who are returning to work on campus will also be required to complete a mandatory online module as part of their re-induction to the workplace. You must ensure that staff do not return to working on campus without having completed this module first.


What happens to the pay of furloughed team members?

Pay will be unaffected by being furloughed. The Government scheme will enable the University to apply for a grant to cover 80% of the pay of furloughed staff (up to a maximum of £2,500 per month, per individual) but the University has made a commitment to ‘top-up’ the remaining 20% so that staff will continue to receive their basic pay as normal.

What does this mean for the employment status of team members who are furloughed?

Being furloughed has no detrimental impact on staff members’ terms and conditions of employment.

How does annual leave work for team members when they are furloughed?

Whilst on Furlough Leave the staff member will continue to accrue annual leave and they should continue to book their annual leave in the normal way. Staff members on furlough will be required to have used all of their accrued annual leave up to the point at which they return and will not be able to carry over any unused days.

Can I give my furloughed team members some work to do?

No, you will not be able to give your furloughed team members any work for the University while they are furloughed.

What happens if a furloughed team member is sick?

We have advised staff that they should inform you as their line manager in line with normal sickness absence reporting procedures.

Should I stay in touch with team members who are furloughed?

Whilst you should not give your furloughed team members any work for the duration of the furlough period, you should maintain contact with them and update them on any important information. We have advised staff to provide you as their line manager with their up-to-date contact details. Also, it is important that furloughed team members do not feel isolated from the team, so encouraging team members to remain in social contact with each other is appropriate.

What happens if a team member wants to volunteer whilst on furlough?

Team members who are furloughed cannot work for the University during this period, but they can volunteer to help with the Coronavirus effort (subject to public health guidance and University procedures), as long as they are not manufacturing, creating or providing goods or services that generate revenue for the University.

Can I ask a furloughed team member to undertake training?

Furloughed staff could be encouraged to undertake relevant training during this period, however any training that they undertake should be voluntary and must not generate revenue for the University or provide any services to the University.

How long will my team member be furloughed for?

The minimum amount of time that someone can be furloughed for is three weeks and currently the Government scheme is available until the end of October 2020. The letter to staff who are being furloughed will confirm the initial duration of the furlough period. However, you should be mindful that furlough could be either extended or ended earlier if operationally necessary.

Working from Home

How can I continue to support my team as they work remotely?

We understand that managing remote teams can bring its challenges. The University has produced some practical guidance on communicating with remote workers. You may download the guidance here.

Some helpful resources to support managing remotely and well-being during this period have also been collated on Moodle here.  Please use your normal IT log-in when you sign in to Moodle to access the resources and contact staff.development@uwtsd.ac.uk if you experience any difficulty.

Staff can also access a range of online training and courses by registering for a LinkedIn Learning account via the Staff Development Hub here.  You will find a collection of courses on key topics on this registration page, such as:

  • Remote working
  • Personal effectiveness and professional skills
  • Administrative skills
  • Learning and teaching
  • Management and leadership development

Please share these widely with your teams and contact staff.development@uwtsd.ac.uk with any questions.

Can staff collect items from the office to help them work from home and what items can they take home?

The University has established a system and procedure for the collection of essential equipment from campus. Essential equipment may include an adjustable chair, a separate keyboard and mouse and other items such as foot / wrist rests, document holders if staff already use such items. The collection of monitors is not deemed necessary at this stage unless there are specific health grounds for this to be considered. Staff are required to complete a request form that will need to be authorised by you as their line manager. You should then provide them with the link to the online booking system so they can book a collection slot. The link to the online booking system has been provided to all Heads of Institutes/Units by HR. The procedure for collection of essential equipment can be found here.

Caring Responsibilities

I have a team member who is unable to attend work as they have caring responsibilities as a result of a closure of a nursery, school, day centre or other facility. What should I do?

If a staff member has sudden caring responsibilities which prevent them from attending work, they must inform you as soon as possible. In these circumstances the University will consider other flexible working arrangements for the duration of the coronavirus threat. This is a variation to our current practice and will be in place for the duration of the threat and is at the University’s discretion. Any arrangements must be agreed by you as the line manager. Their salary will be unaffected.  Please refer to the guidance for managers on staff who are home working with dependant / caring responsibilities, available here.

If the staff member develops symptoms of the virus, their absence will be treated as sick leave and the University’s standard sickness absence reporting procedure will apply.

Annual Leave

Can team members carry annual leave days over into the next academic year?

Yes, the annual leave policy of carry-over is extended to a maximum of 10 days, Heads of Institutes and Units have been granted further discretion to resolve matters locally in line with operational needs. You may download the updated guidance here.

A member of my team is planning to go on holiday overseas, what should I do next?

While government travel restrictions are in place, we have advised staff that they should let their line manager know in advance if they are planning to travel overseas on holiday and to refer to the Foreign Office website for advice on the quarantine requirements.

Line managers should ask their staff if they will be travelling abroad and ensure they know if they will have to quarantine/self-isolate on their return.  If they do, managers should discuss how any work which cannot be done from home will be covered, such as onsite teaching or other on campus commitments.  If work cannot be done in part or in full from home, managers must agree how the time will be covered subject to operational requirements, i.e. through annual leave or unpaid leave, or a combination thereof.