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Our business world now is surrounded about being ethical, the concepts of sustainability and the impacts it has on our approach to business, from business enterprising to marketing concepts our engaging masterclasses will give you an expert perspective on the modern-day business world. Book your place today!

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Masterclass Series

Targeted marketing – Clever or unethical?

Have you ever searched for something in your search engine and then noticed the same or similar adverts in your social media channels?  Many businesses engage in targeted marketing as a method of becoming more efficient at communicating with their audience. In this session, we shall consider if this process is essential for businesses to become more efficient or if it is an intrusion of privacy.  What do you think?

Developing a Business idea 

Developing a Business idea can be exciting and also challenging.  There are so many things to consider. During this session, we shall explore the process of creating, researching and developing a business idea.  

How to be a changemaker – Business for good!

During this session we will explore some well known social entrepreneurs and evaluate our own values.  Leaving the session with a potential plan for becoming a changemaker in the future. 

Social Media Marketing

Social media offers Businesses endless opportunities to communicate with their audience.  ‘Influencers’ now use social media to create businesses for themselves. In this session we will explore social media tools and consider the benefits and pitfalls of utilising this method of marketing. 

Placements within study

During this session, we shall look at some case studies of students over the past few years who have successfully undertaken a placement whilst studying. We shall then audit our own skills set and identify skills we need to develop for further study and/or employment.

Introduction to Entrepreneurship

This session will introduce you to well-known entrepreneurs, enable you to identify what ingredients make an entrepreneur, highlight how you can define what the role of an entrepreneur is and establish if you have the qualities to be the next entrepreneur.

Introduction to Marketing

This session will introduce marketing concepts and how marketing has developed, as well as exploring some current activities and trends in marketing.

Critical Thinking

In this session students will be introduced to the concept of bias and how we can mitigate for it by thinking critically about information.

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