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Sport, health and being outdoors is evidently important, more so now than it’s ever been. Our specialised masterclasses will you a chance to hear what our industry professionals in the field have to say.

Why not join us at one of our bespoke and engaging masterclasses to delve deeper into the subject area.

Masterclass Series

Gamification of Health and Fitness Activities in Secondary School Physical Education – The School Fitness 3T programme 

This session will provide an overview of the School Fitness 3T programme, a motivational, functional fitness and movement competency based programme for secondary school PE. This theory based and evidence informed programme utilises principles of gamification to motivate and engage pupils in health and fitness activities in PE and will be of interest for those wishing to learn more about this area. 

Posture – to use or not to use, that is the question? 

This session will explore some of the history behind posture as a means of assessment and why it has or hasn’t been utilised by clinicians.  Some of the current methods of posture assessment will be covered together with a theoretical discussion of the mode by which posture may work to change some health conditions.  

Strength Training in Older Middle- Aged Women 

This session will review current PhD research on the effectiveness of a single weekly high intensity strength training session on the fitness and wellbeing of older middle-aged women (50-65 years). 

Mass participation sports events and health & wellbeing 

This session will present current PhD findings and explore the wider health and wellbeing resources present in MPSE culture. 

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