A woman in a white lab coat makes adjustments to a complicated electronic manufacturing device.

The whole purpose of this course is to develop employees in a shortage area of manufacturing operations.

This part-time programme has been designed alongside employers for key manufacturing requirements, both from a content and delivery perspective. On successful completion, all graduates will display knowledge and skills which will allow them to enhance and further their practice in order to shape the industry of the future.

Module Topics


  • Engineering Mathematics | 20 credits
  • Engineering Applications and Study Skills | 20 credits
  • Quality and Business Improvement | 20 credits
  • Plant Operations and Performance | 20 credit
  • Project Design | 20 credits
  • Materials and Introduction to Processing | 20 credits


  • Management Innovation and Sustainability | 20 credits
  • Group Industrial Project |40 credits
  • Control and Automation | 20 credits
  • Manufacturing Design and Technology | 20 credits
  • Six Sigma Green Belt | 20 credits


  • Manufacturing Systems and Simulation | 20 credits
  • Computational Methods | 20 credits
  • Independent Project |40 credits
  • Plant and Asset Engineering | 20 credits
  • Control Technology | 20 credits


Students are taught through a series of lectures, tutorials, laboratories and practical sessions. Assessment of progress is made through assignments, exams and individual projects.

One of the main parts of the final year will be the final year project. This is a work-based project that will allow students to use the knowledge built up through the course to solve a genuine workplace-engineering problem.

If this is the course for you or if you require further information regarding the course, go to register your interest and a member of the apprenticeship unit will be in touch.