Exam Hall

Registry is responsible for organising exams across all university campuses including timetabling and making related arrangements.

Please note some exams are organised by the relevant Institute and will not be included on your personalised exam timetable. Please contact the Institute for information about these.

This page is intended to provide students with information about their exams.

Exam Dates and Venues

Exam Periods

The assessment periods for the current academic year are:

Semester 1 Exams:

Semester 2 Exams:

Resit Exams:


Exam Timetable

Personalised Exam Timetables are available on MyTSD.

Please check the timetable and if you can’t see an exam you were expecting to take, please get in touch with Registry immediately on 01267 676716 or 01792 481097.

Exam Venues

Where you will sit your exam, including the campus and room will be clearly marked on your personalised timetable.  Please see travel information on each of our campus pages

The Day of your Exam

Before your Exam

Exam Timings

Please be aware that you need to arrive at the examination venue 15 minutes prior to the start of the exam.

If you are late, you may sit the exam if you arrive within 30 minutes of the published start time. However, no extra time will be added at the end of the exam. 

You will not be able to sit the exam if you arrive more than 30 minutes after the published start time.  

What to take to an Exam?

Please remember to bring your student card for all exams.

If you do not have a student card and need a replacement please contact the IT Service Desk.

You need to bring any stationary you need to complete the exam, for example pens and pencils which need to be stored in a clear pencil case or poly pocket. 

Other items such as calculators are only allowed if that particular examination allows it. Please speak with you course tutor if you are unsure. You will need to provide these yourself.

Bags and Valuables

All bags, cases, coats, mobile phones (switched off) and smart watches are to be left at the front of the exam room. 

The University recommends that you do not bring valuable items to your examinations as the University cannot accept liability for any lost, stolen or damaged items.

During your Exam

Things You'll Need to Remember

Please make sure:

  • You enter the exam room in silence and remain silent until the exam has finished and all papers have been collected and you are given permission to talk.

  • You turn your mobile phone off and place all your bags, coats, mobile phones and smart watches at the front of the room.

  • You are sitting in the right desk and have the right question paper in front of you.

  • You have your student card displayed on your desk in front of you throughout the exam.

  • You fill in the attendance slip with your name, student number and module code etc.

  • You put your student number, name and other details on each writing booklet you use and give the title of the module and module code. To comply with the system of anonymous marking, record your name on the relevant section and fold over the flap to secure.

  • You do not leave the exam room in the first 45 minutes nor in the last 15 minutes of the exam.

  • You do not leave your desk without obtaining the permission of the invigilator.

  • You remain seated at the end of the exam until all of the exam scripts have been collected by the invigilator and you are told you can leave.

Raising a Query

If you have a query during the exam, please raise your hand and an invigilator will come to your desk.

Fire Alarm

Any scheduled fire alarm tests are cancelled during the exam period so if the fire alarm sounds it is not a test.  Please remain silent and listen to the instructions issued by the invigilators.

Inclement Weather

If the University decides to postpone exams due to severe weather conditions, Registry will email you as soon as that decision is taken. Messages will also be posted on social media.

Please check your student email account regularly. 

You will receive a separate email to confirm a new date and time for any postponed examinations.

Please note that if the University does NOT postpone an examination but you decide you are unable to travel to the exam, you would then be required to submit an application for extenuating circumstances on MyTSD within twenty one days of the exam date. You will need to provide independent evidence to support your claim.

Unable to Attend an Exam

If you are unable to attend an exam, you should:

  • First call Registry on your campus:

    • Carmarthen: 01267 676716
    • Lampeter: 01570 424831
    • Swansea: 01792 481097

  • You will also need to apply for extenuating circumstances via MyTSD.
  • You will need to include any verifiable independent documentary evidence eg a medical certificate.
Academic Misconduct

Academic misconduct can be defined as any action by a student which gives or has the potential to give an unfair advantage in an examination or assessment, or might assist someone else to gain an unfair advantage. 

This could include possessing unauthorised material or technology during the exam or attempting to access unseen assessment materials in advance of an exam.

If a student is suspected of committing Academic Misconduct during an exam, the invigilator will inform the student that the circumstances will be reported for investigation but that they can continue with their exam without prejudice to any decision which may be taken.  Any evidence will be confiscated and retained for subsequent investigation. 

Please see the Academic Misconduct Policy for further information.

Exam Concessions

Exam Concessions are any reasonable adjustments made to an exam where the standard exam arrangements put you at a disadvantage due to physical or mental impairment, specific learning difficulty or a health condition.

Student Services staff notify Registry of the concessions available to you through your Statement of Compensatory Measures (SCM). 

What to do if your concessions are missing from your timetable?

If you believe you are entitled to exam concessions and your timetable on MyTSD does not reflect that:

Please contact your campus DSA Administrator immediately.