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Rachel Alexander

Dr Rachel Alexander


email icon  alexander@uwtsd.ac.uk
phone icon  01792 481000 Ext 4917

rodger dowden

Roger Dowden

Senior Lecturer & Head of Motorsport

email icon  roger.dowden@uwtsd.ac.uk
phone icon  01792 481166

 andrew thorn

Andrew Thorn

Lecturer & Programme Director
BEng/MEng Energy & Environmental Engineering 
and MSc Engineering Programmes

email icon  andrew.thorn@uwtsd.ac.uk
phone icon  01792 481000 Ext 4321

andrew gibson

Andrew Gibson

Senior Lecturer & Programme Director
BSc Motorsport & Automotive Engineering

email icon  andrew.gibson@uwtsd.ac.uk
 phone icon 01792 481000 Ext 4327

Robert Goodson 

Dr Robert Goodson

Senior Lecturer & Admissions Tutor 
BEng/MEng Mechanical, Manufacturing, Extreme Sports & Energy Engineering

email icon  robert.goodson@uwtsd.ac.uk
phone icon  01792 483677

Andrew Harrison

Andrew Harrison


email icon  andrew.harrison@uwtsd.ac.uk
 phone icon 01792 481000 Ext 4155


kelvin lake 

Kelvin Lake

Senior Lecturer

email icon  kelvin.lake@uwtsd.ac.uk
phone icon  01792 481000 Ext 4319

 Malcolm McDonald

Malcolm McDonald

Senior Lecturer

email icon  malcolm.mcdonald@uwtsd.ac.uk
phone icon  01792 481000 Ext 4284

arnaud marotin

Dr Arnaud Marotin

Senior Lecturer & Programme Director 
BEng Mechanical, Manufacturing, Materials Science (Part-time)

email icon  arnaud.marotin@uwtsd.ac.uk
phone icon  01792 481000 Ext 4719


 richard morgan 

Richard Morgan

Programme Director
BEng/MEng Mechanical, Manufacturing, Extreme Sports Engineering (Full-time)

email icon  richard.morgan@uwtsd.ac.uk
phone icon  01792 481000 Ext 4718

pedro monteiro ferreira

Pedro Monteiro Ferreira

Senior Lecturer & Programme Director
BEng Automotive Engineering

email icon  pedro.monteiro-ferreira@uwtsd.ac.uk
phone icon  01792 481000 Ext 4175

 irina neaga

Dr Irina Neaga

Senior Lecturer

email icon  irina.neaga@uwtsd.ac.uk
phone icon  01792 481128


graham orr

Graham Orr

Senior Lecturer & Programme Director 
HND/BSc Logistics & Supply Chain, Logistics & Transport, Motorsport Management

email icon  graham.orr@uwtsd.ac.uk
phone icon  01792 481153

Gregory Thomas Owen

Dr Gregory Thomas Owen

Senior Lecturer

email icon  gregory.owen@uwtsd.ac.uk 
phone icon  01792 481000 Ext 4917

mark sandford

Mark Sandford

Senior Lecturer

email icon  mark.sandford@uwtsd.ac.uk
phone icon  01792 481000 Ext 4720

abigail summerfield

Abigail Summerfield

Senior Lecturer & Programme Director
HND Motorsport & Automotive Engineering

email icon  abi.summerfield@uwtsd.ac.uk  
phone icon  01792 481000 Ext 4334

Richard Sutton

Richard Sutton

Lecturer & Programme Director
Foundation Year Engineering

email icon  richard.sutton@uwtsd.ac.uk  
phone icon  01792 481000 Ext 4259

 kerry tudor

Dr Kerry Tudor


email icon  kerry.tudor@uwtsd.ac.uk  
phone icon  01792 481000 Ext 4411


Owen Williams

Dr Owen Williams

Senior Research Fellow & Programme Director
BEng/MEng Motorcycle Engineering

email icon  owen.williams@uwtsd.ac.uk  
phone icon  01792 481000 Ext 4283

 timothy tudor

Timothy Tudor 

Senior Lecturer & Programme Director
BEng / MEng Motorsport Engineering

email icon  tim.tudor@uwtsd.ac.uk
phone icon 01792 481126