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Professor Scherto Gill

A close-up of Scherto Gill's face with the saturation lowered almost to black-and-white.

Professor Scherto Gill is the GHfP Institute’s Founding Director. She coordinates the UNESCO Slave Route Project’s Collective Healing Initiative and chairs the G20 Interfaith Forum‘s Education Working Group. Scherto is a Senior Fellow at the Guerrand-Hermès Foundation for Peace, and a Life Fellow of the Royal Society of the Arts (FRSA). She has been nominated for the 2022 Luxembourg Peace Award.

As a Professor of Research, Scherto’s interests centre on understanding peace, collective healing, human well-being and global flourishing as holistic and dynamic processes. Through research and project work, she has been actively exploring ways to advance educational innovation, collective healing, peacebuilding, and social transformation. She has led a number of significant research projects, including UNESCO Desk Review on Approaches and Practices of Collective Healing.

As a Writer, Scherto contributes to topics including human-centred education, positive peace, collective healing, deep dialogue, ecology of well-being, narrative pedagogy, dialogic and collaborative approach to global governance. She is also on editorial boards of several journals, and has edited a number of special issues of journals.

As an Educator, Scherto teaches on both Masters and Doctoral programmes and offers a wide range of seminars and lectures.

As a Facilitator, Scherto is experienced in creating safe spaces for deep listening and generative dialogue towards better understanding of global challenges.

Scherto is a board member of Spirit of Humanity Forum, and Rising Global Peace Forum.