Welcome to the Faculty of Humanities and Performing Arts at UWTSD

The faculty is proud of its rich heritage, forward-thinking approach to study, and its ability to equip students with the relevant skills to progress and succeed in a wide range of careers.

Students actively contribute to seminars and workshops and have the opportunity to immerse themselves in their chosen subject area through experiential and problem-solving techniques. Engagement is paramount in our teaching, whether through expert lectures at the cutting-edge of the academic field, hands-on fieldwork and trips, role-plays or problem-solving sessions.

In Performing Arts, students are expected to participate in productions, both on- and off-stage, working with other students across degree programmes, as well as with experienced creative practitioners, directors and choreographers.

In the humanities, each student is given the opportunity to explore according to their interests and be independent learners and researchers, not only within the curriculum in modules such as the Dissertation, but also through initiatives like Student Researcher, or becoming an intern in a local museum. Lecturers and students work collaboratively in discussion and debate, informing one another and encompassing views and ideas outside of their own.

By becoming independent thinkers and proactive researchers, students gain experience and develop skills that will make them extremely appealing to employers.