Why Study Archaeology at UWTSD?

UWTSD archaeology degree programmes provide students with amazing opportunities in the field and beyond. From the archaeologist who found the earliest human footprints outside Africa, to those working on WWII trenches, our students are not only taught by experts at the cutting edge of field research, but engage in practical archaeological investigations.

At UWTSD, all archaeology students gain experience in laboratory techniques, putting the excavation finds through the analytical lens of practice and research. In our excellent laboratories, students can analyse bones and pollen, learn the techniques of dendrochronology, and work with samples and artefacts.

Students receive a vast amount of practical experience from supportive, expert and experieneced archaeologists and lecturers. It is no surprise that UWTSD was ranked 1st in Wales for student satisfaction in Forensic & Archaeological Science (NSS 2017).

"In tutorials we get to handle human and animal bones that are thousands of years old, and in lectures we get to go on amazing field trips all over the UK to help broaden our subject knowledge.” Victoria, BA Archaeology with Forensic Studies