Why Study Chinese Studies at UWTSD?

Building on a solid linguistic foundation in modern and classical Chinese, this course focuses on the study of China’s history, philosophy, religions (particularly Daoism), film and literature, exploring how China has historically evolved to become the country it is today.
Recent graduates have found employment as overseas recruitment and marketing officers, sales representatives with Mercedes in China, in the global logistics business, tourism or as translators or interpreters. 
Some graduates have relocated to China and set up their own businesses there. Many graduates have successfully applied for postgraduate study in various subjects at prestigious universities in the UK, China and elsewhere.
91% of UWTSD students in Chinese agreed that staff are enthusiastic about what they are teaching. - NSS 2016

EACS workshop

Chinese Studies degree programmes combine linguistic training alongside the study of China's history, culture and society. To further develop your Mandarin, there is the opportunity to spend 1 year in China at a Chinese university. 

Single Honours

Joint Honours

Chinese Civilisation gives you the opportunity to learn more about China and Chinese culture over time. 

In these degree schemes, you do not have to learn Chinese (except as an optional module), but rather you will concentrate on a greater range of themes relating to China, its history and culture.

Joint Honours