Royal Institute of Philosophy: Lampeter Philosophy Colloquium

Royal Institute of Philosophy: Lampeter Philosophy Colloquium

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Philosophy from Gown to Town

The Philosophy Department at UWTSD Lampeter runs a series of philosophy lectures, talks, meetings, research seminars, and reading groups all of which open to the public. These lectures are suitable for non-specialists and aim to communicate philosophy to a wide audience, engaging the public in philosophical ideas and with up-to-date research in the discipline, thereby transferring knowledge and promoting philosophy to the general public, as well as academics.

All are welcome to attend. There are usually about 10 talks per year, all on a diverse range of philosophical topics. The talks are followed by a Q & A period, in which the audience is welcome to put forward questions and comments on the speakers' arguments and ideas. We pride ourselves on fostering a relaxed and friendly atmosphere in which philosophical dialogue can flourish.

The talks are held on Wednesdays in the Lampeter Campus, Room Arts 1

  • Philosophy Colloquium Programme, 2018-2019 26th Sept. 2018: Dr Mary Edwards (Cardiff), 'Social Media and Imaginary Selves'
  • 10th Oct. 2018: Prof. David Cockburn (University of Wales Trinity St. David, Lampeter), 'Schopenhauer and Wittgenstein on the Will and the Wretchedness of Life'.
  • 24th Oct. 2018: Prof. Melanie Williams (University of Essex), 'Moral Luck and "The Reader" by Bernhard Schlink'
  • 7th Nov. 2018: Dr Lynette Reid (Dalhousie University, Canada), 'The Difficulty of Truth in Politics'
  • 21st Nov. 2018: Dr Rebekah Humphreys (University of Wales Trinity St. David, Lampeter), 'Suffering, Sentientism and Sustainability: an analysis of a non-anthropocentric moral framework for climate ethics'
  • 23rd Jan. 2019: Robert Edwards, 'Are You Dreaming?' (Loughborough University) 10th Feb. 2019: Dr David Lockwood, 'Rules and Consequences - A Fresh Look at Rule-Consequentialism' (Independent Scholar)

Programme of Talks*

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Line up so far - full details to be confirmed.

All talks take place in UWTSD Lampeter Campus, Arts 1, College Road,  on Tuesday evenings, 6pm (other than 24th Mar, 6.30pm).

14th Jan 2020 TBC  
28th Jan 2020 Prof. Havi Carel University of Bristol (via Skype)
'It's hard to think without your pants on: epistemic injustice and patients as knowers.'
11th Feb 2020  Marthe Kiley-Worthington  Lancaster University: 
Centre of Eco-Etho Research & Education,
Trustee of We Are All Mammals
25th Feb 2020  Prof. Chris Norris  Cardiff University
'Philosophy, Verse and "Creative Criticism"
10th Mar 2020 Prof. Clive Cazeaux Cardiff University (Cardiff School of Art)
'What is audio drama?'
24th Mar 2020 Paddy McQueen (TBC) Swansea University
7th April 2020 Dr Paul Giladi Manchester University
‘The Agent in Pain: Alienation and Discursive Abuse’
12 May 2020 Jernej Markelj Cardiff University
‘Contagion of Oedipal Fictions: Viral Falsifications and Their Receptive Hosts'
26th May 2020 TBC  

* Kindly funded by the Royal Institute of Philosophy.

Any Questions?

Should you wish have any questions, please contact Dr Rebekah Humphreys (
Hope to see you at the next philosophy talk.

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