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Group of Students

Writing a personal statement can be extremely challenging the aim is sell yourself in a professional and appropriate manner.

Between staff and students of the University we have created our top ten tips for writing your personal statement.

  1. Tell us about your interest in the course and where this has stemmed from
  2. Go into detail – what have you enjoyed about the subject during your current studies?
  3. Do you read about the subject in your spare time? If yes, what and why was it interesting?
  4. Tell us about relevant work experience
  5. What skills have you gained from your part-time job/work experience/current studies/hobbies?
  6. Don’t just list your skills – give examples of how you’ve gained them and use them daily
  7. Keep linking back to the course/subject area
  8. Don’t talk about things that aren’t relevant
  9. Use spell check
  10. Be positive and sell yourself – tell us why you’d be perfect for the course