Matthews House charity extended logo: large purple M with cityscape.

Jessica Rees, Ruby Chatun, Ella Williams and Jack Steele have been working with Matthew's House, a not for profit organisation for the homeless and vulnerable people in Swansea.

The objectives were to raise money and spread awareness of Matthew's House, with an aim to replenish the showers from the funds raised.  

Jessica Rees – Team Leader

“As a team leader, I was responsible for communication between the group and coordinating the project. I have loved it! It’s been better than expected. I didn’t think an assignment could be this much fun! Working with real companies and seeing how organisation do day-to-day business and seeing what we want to strive for in our own futures.”

Ruby Chatun – Marketing

“I have been raising money and creating vlogs and blogs on WordPress: @mattshousefund. I like the course. I have never done business and I am really enjoying it, I like the marketing and I have learned so much. I feel like I have already made a good career choice and have a good future.”

Ella Williams – Marketing and Team Worker 

 “I have been blogging and I've enjoyed the teamwork and coordinating activities. Engaging with other people on this project has definitely helped us form friendship groups. Everyone is so funny and nice here – we are all on the same page.”

Jack Steele – Planning and Logistics - BA Business Management

“I organised the tasks and came up with the planning and logistics, making sure it all worked well. I have been surprised about the small classes, everyone is now comfortable with each other and that goes into class too. No one is afraid to put their hand up and ask a question. The environment is better than larger lecture theatres – it is easier to speak out and question. The lecturers are so supportive, no-one falls behind."

Four project organisers for Matthews House.

Six chocolate muffins.

Five student organisers holding oversized cheque.