Rising Stars theatre company heading.

Katie Oliver, Amy Collins, Rhodri Shepherd, Cai Ellis and Jack Gilmore-Jones worked with Rising Stars to raise awareness of the theatre company.

The group created blogs (Wordpress @UWTSDblogs) and ran social media, learning media and photography skills. They also analysed the performance of posts, increasing the better performing theatre based blogs that increased views across the world.

Katie Oliver – Team Leader – Business Management student

“The project and course have been intriguing, we have covered topics from a realistic perspective. Putting theory to the test in a real business using marketing, media and human resources skills, ensuring I considered the team’s wants and needs. Being team leader from day one on a real business project with a theatre group was jumping straight in. It is an experience I will take forward for the rest of my life and something I couldn’t learn in class through theory.”

Amy Collins – Resource Investigator 

“My role was to put everything in place, carrying out background research and learning Wordpress beforehand. The project and course has been rewarding when you’re helping other people out. It is a great thing we are doing here. Everyone is so supportive and fun. It is real experiences and something you won’t forget in a hurry.”

Rhodri Shepherd – Finance Coordinator – BA Business Management (Finance)

“I made sure that everything I carried out was not costly. It is a good course because you are not just in the lecture room but we are thrown into a live brief with a real company. You are not just sitting in a lecture theatre but learning the transferrable skills that you will need when you leave University.”

Cai Ellis – Proofer, Editor and Finisher – BA Business Management

“When everyone has done their bit I do the checking, proofing, editing and signing off of the final document. It has been really good. I did a year in a bigger university and I find UWTSD more practical and hands on. We are not stuck behind a desk in a lecture 27/7. Here we go out, work in groups and help people. It is a lot more rewarding. You definitely put your skills into practice and I learned additional things like communication, social media and marketing and how to expand web presence. I am learning the same theory but I am putting it into practice. That makes it easier when it comes to assignments because you can talk about your own experience.”

Jack Gilmore-Jones – Social Media Manager - BA Business Management (Finance)

“I have set up blogs and increased following, using the comments and feedback to edit content in order to get as many views as possible. This course is not what I expected. I didn’t expect to be working with a charity in the first term and gaining real insight into how business works. Its also a different perspective, raising awareness not profit.”

The Rising Stars Theatre Group

The Rising Stars Theatre Group

The Rising Stars Theatre Group

The Rising Stars Theatre Group