If you wish to apply directly to the University please email international.registry@uwtsd.ac.uk and a member of our team will contact you providing you with all the advice and guidance you need throughout your application process.

Alternatively, you can apply through one of our international student recruitment agent offices in Your Country.

We also accept applications from the University and Colleges Admission Service (UCAS), details of how to apply can be found on their website.

Applications through UCAS

All applications to study for a full-time undergraduate degree programme at the University of Wales Trinity Saint David are made through UCAS using Apply - an online application system available at www.ucas.com.

Our UCAS code is T80

Individuals from the EU (excluding the UK) and worldwide, apply online independently, except for those whose school or college is registered with UCAS. Advice is available from British Council offices and other centres overseas, such as your school or college. You are responsible for paying the correct application fee, for obtaining and attaching the academic reference and for submitting the completed application online to UCAS. Your referee should know you well enough to write about you and your suitability for higher education. UCAS will not accept references from family, other relatives or friends.

Apply online at www.ucas.com

Applying directly to the University

Key dates for Tier 4 International Applications and Enrolment

These dates apply to Tier 4 International applicants applying to study at UWTSD Wales campuses 

January / February 2019

Swansea / Carmarthen / Cardiff 

  • Enrolment week commencing 21/01/19
  • Last CAS issuing Date (overseas): 17/12/18
  • Last CAS issuing Date (in-country): 11/01/19
  • Last application date (overseas): 02/12/18
  • Last application date (in-country): 30/12/18


  • Enrolment week commencing: 11/02/19
  • Last CAS issuing Date (overseas): 04/01/19
  • Last CAS issuing Date (in-country): 01/02/19
  • Last application date (overseas): 16/12/18
  • Last application date (in-country): 20/01/19

September 2019

Swansea / Carmarthen / Cardiff*
* Excluding Wuhan Ligong and others on pre-sessional courses

  • Enrolment week commencing 23/09/19
  • Last CAS issuing Date (overseas): 16/08/19
  • Last CAS issuing date (in-country): 13/09/19 
  • Last application date (overseas): 04/08/19
  • Last application date (in-country): 01/09/19 

* Excludes Sinology and pre-sessional courses

  • Enrolment week commencing 16/09/19
  • Last CAS issuing date (overseas): 09/08/19
  • Last CAS issuing date (in-country): 06/09/19
  • Last application date (overseas): 28/08/19
  • Last application date (in-country): 25/08/19