If you wish to apply directly to the University, please email International Registry and a member of our team will contact you providing you with all the advice and guidance you need throughout your application process.

Alternatively, you can apply through one of our international student recruitment agent offices in Your Country.

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Applying directly to the University

You can apply directly to UWTSD by downloading the application form:

Application Form for Full and Part-time Study

Key dates for Tier 4 International Applications and Enrolment

These dates apply to Tier 4 International applicants applying to study at UWTSD Wales campuses 

September 2020 - Full time UG and PG applications

Swansea / Carmarthen / Cardiff*
* Excluding Wuhan Ligong and others on pre-sessional courses

  • Enrolment week commencing 21/09/20
  • Last application date (overseas): 14/08/20
  • Last application date (in-country): 28/09/20
  • Last CAS issuing Date (overseas): 28/08/20
  • Last CAS issuing date (in-country): 11/09/20

** Excludes Sinology and pre-sessional courses

Dates to be confirmed

  • Enrolment week commencing 14/09/20
  • Last application date (overseas): 24/07/20
  • Last application date (in-country): 28/08/20
  • Last CAS issuing date (overseas): 14/08/20
  • Last CAS issuing date (in-country): 04/09/20

Guide for International Students applying to UWTSD

Part 1: Researching UWTSD

Part 2: The application form (Tips for International students applying to UWTSD)

Part 3: The application process continued (Tips for International students applying to UWTSD)