You told us our loans and fines system was confusing so we've introduced Fairer Fines alongside automatic renewal to make your library experience even better.

Fairer FinesOn 1st March 2017, we will be implementing a new LLR fines policy.  The new policy is aimed at making the system fairer by only charging for resources that are in high demand or have been requested by other Library users.

So What's Changed?

  • NO FINES on overdue standard or 1 week loans unless another student has asked for the book
  • REDUCED fines on short loan i.e. 2 day, 1 day loans, 50p a day.

If not automatically renewed for any reason, e.g. they have been on loan for longer than a year, or if there are other issues with your account, these items will still be set to ‘Overdue’ and will still prevent further borrowing, however will not incur a fine when returned. Please note that any overdue items which are not returned within 60 days of the due date will continue to be considered lost and the user will be billed for their replacement, as at present. 

Items which have been recalled / placed on hold for another borrower and become overdue will be charged at the new standard fine rate of 50p per item, per day.

New Fine Rates

Recalled / held items 50p per item, per late day
Restricted loan / Green band 50p per item, per late day
Short loan / Yellow band 50p per item, per late day
Hourly loan / Blue band 20p per item, per hour
Laptops and computer equipment £10 per item, per day

Fines will continue to be charged as normal on shorter loan categories, however to simplify the charges have moved to a standard rate of 50p per day on all items, except for hourly loans and laptops.

Fine appeals

To appeal against a fine, please use the form below: