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We have a large number of e-resources and while we endeavour to supply seamless access it is possible that you may occasionally experience difficulties with accessing resources. These problems may be caused by many different factors such as publishers updating their online platforms or specific issues with a user’s computer or device set up. UWTSD libraries liaises with users and resource providers to try and resolve issues and restore access to online resources as quickly as possible.

This guide aims to provide help with common problems you may encounter.  If you need help with searching or finding relevant material using any of our resources, please contact your Academic Liaison Librarian.

Check you are using the correct login. To access all resources use your University IT login and password, contact IT support if you need to reset your password.

If you are trying to log into a resource you have found using a search engine and you are off-campus, your log in details may not be recognised even if the library subscribes to the resource.

Use Library Search to check for resources you wish to access, as it provides the correct links for logging in to online resources.

If you have accessed the resource via Library Search and are still being asked to pay, please fill out the report a fault form as there may be an issue with our subscription.

When trying to access electronic journals, you may find that you are unable to access certain articles or issues. Check Library Search to find out which years the library has access to.

Sometimes there are several links with different date ranges, choose the link with the most relevant dates for your needs.

Library search record example

If the article you are looking for is included in the date range on Library Search and you are unable to access it, please fill out the report a fault form as we will need to check our records.

If the ebook or ejournal is listed on Library Search but on clicking the link you receive a message stating that the item is unavailable, please let us know using the report a fault form.

If the link provided by Library Search takes you to the wrong book or journal article or results in an error message such as:

  • HTTP 404 Error Message
  • EZProxy Hostname error

Please let us know using the report a fault form

If you are seeing the following message:

“Privacy error: Your connection is not private” (NET::ERR_CERT_AUTHORITY_INVALID).

This is a browser security issue where the SSL certificate does not match the hostname.  Instructions for clearing the error are as follows:


The error may not occur in the Edge browse, but if it does you need to clear the HSTS Settings

  1. Close all open Edge tabs
  2. Type edge://net-internals/#hsts into the search bar
  3. In the Query HSTS/PKP Domain type and click query

HSTS Domain information

4. Scroll down to the bottom of the screen, in the Delete Domain Security Policies domain type and click delete, this should remove the security settings associated with the domain.

Screen capture: delete domain security policies; is in a box next to the Delete button.

5. Close the browser and reopen and try your search again



  1. Close all open Chrome tabs
  2. Type chrome://net-internals/#hsts into the search bar
  3. Follow steps 3 & 4 above
  4. Close the browser and reopen it
  5. You may see a message that says the site is not secure, click send anyway (only do this for sites that do not require personal or payment information) This should let you into the site.Privacy error



  1. Close all open tabs in Firefox
  2. Press Ctrl + Shift + H to open the full history window
  3. Search for the domain

Firefox HSTS screen

4. Right-click the site from the list of items and click Forget About This Site.This should clear the HSTS settings (and other cache data) for that domain

5. Restart Firefox and continue your search


Trying a different browser can sometimes help as resource providers often favour a particular browser; you should also make sure your browser is the latest version available.

Clearing your cache/cookies and restarting your browser can help as it ensures that your browser is trying to load the most current version of a webpage. Please refer to the help pages of the specific browser:

Off-campus users and users on campus connecting through eduroam with their own devices may sometimes experience problems due to firewall and security software not allowing access to our proxy server.

If you get a message that the connection has been refused or you see a “Page Not Found” error the cause is likely to be the security settings and you may need to adjust these to allow access to our proxy server. For further information please refer to the help pages of the specific operating system:

If you are on a work computer (MoD or NHS networks have strict firewall settings) you may need to contact your company’s IT help desk to see if the firewall can be adjusted to allow you to access the library’s proxy server.

This means that we have a restricted user license for that title and the maximum number of users as stipulated on the license has been reached.

Clicking the “add to queue” or “reserve” button means that you will be emailed when a copy becomes available. When available you will have a limited amount of time to access/ download the ebook before it moves to the next person in the queue.

Ebooks cannot be renewed. If your download period has come to an end you can usually download it again immediately if there is no one else in the queue.

Ebooks cannot be returned. Your access will automatically expire at the end of the download period you have chosen.

We rarely purchase all books that are available on a platform. If a title isn’t listed in Library Search it is likely that we don’t have access but to check, please email

Accessibility Tools

The following tools can help users with viewing web pages and websites more comfortably:

Google Chrome Extensions:

  • CopyFish.................. (optical character recognition)
  • Headings Map........ (page outliner)
  • HighContrast......... (contrast changer)
  • Reader view............ (page personalisation)
  • Selection reader ....(text to speech)
  • Spreed....................... (Speed Reading tool which helps increase your reading speed without sacrificing comprehension)

Microsoft Edge:


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