Ordering Library Resources

Academic staff are welcome to order books and e-books for stock in the Library. Please follow the instructions below to submit your order.

How to order

Please use the form provided:

Library Requisition Form

In order for the form to work correctly:
- Download it from the website
- Open it in Microsoft Excel
- Click "Enable Editing" if prompted

Send the completed form to:
Alison Beckett, Senior Library Assistant, Collections: alison.beckett@uwtsd.ac.uk
Suzy Fisher, Acquisitions and Subscriptions Librarian: s.fisher@uwtsd.ac.uk

See also: Reading List Policy

Completing the form

  • Ordered By - type your name here
  • If copies are already in stock: do you wish to order more? - Library staff check to see if each resource is already in stock before placing your order to avoid unnecessary duplication. If a resource you require is in stock and you want to order extra copies, please change the drop down box from "No" to "Yes - I want extra copies". If you are unsure, click the "check stock" links to search the catalogue.
  • Ebooks - we will automatically purchase electronic books (e-books) instead of printed copies where available. If you only require print copies, please change the drop-down box to "No". Please note that we only use specialist suppliers who are able to licence material for University-wide use, and cannot order individual user e-books such as those sold for Amazon Kindle or other similar personal e-book readers.
  • For stock in Library at: - this is the campus library at which you wish us to stock the resources. E-books are accessible at all campuses and off-campus via UWTSD IT login.
  • Date - this is completed automatically
  • Author, Title, ISBN - please enter as much information as possible about the resource you wish to order. We can order resources without an ISBN, though this may delay the processing of your order. For DVDs or teaching artefacts without an ISBN, please leave this blank. For journals please enter the ISSN in the ISBN field.
  • Year - the year of publication / edition, if known
  • Publisher - please enter the publisher’s name, if known. This is particularly useful if you do not know the ISBN.
  • Price - if you enter a price, the form will automatically calculate the total cost of your order. Please use the RRP (Recommended Retail Price) and not the discounted price from Amazon or other suppliers.  Items costing in excess of £100 (print) or £150 (ebooks) will be subject to an additional authorisation process and may be ordered in reduced quantities.
  • Number of copies - please enter the number of copies you require.  Please note that the Library may adjust these according to the Reading List policy to make sure sufficient resources are made available within budgetary constraints.

The library will automatically assign appropriate loan periods to meet demand, in line with the Reading List policy.  If you have any special requirements please advise us when you place your order.

Delivery time

Please allow 3 - 4 weeks from submitting your order for the resources to be added to Library shelves. This also allows us time to add your order to the catalogue and process the resources ready for loan. The Library use specialist bulk suppliers who provide us with a set discount and also library processing services to ensure we can get your resources onto the shelves in the quickest possible time.

Orders for specialist resources, such as teaching artefacts or out of print books, and orders placed at peak times (August - September and May - July) may take longer to process. If your order is urgent, please contact us and we will do our best to prioritise the order.


Suzy Fisher
Acquisitions and Subscriptions Librarian


Last revision 14/03/2017