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Online and Digital Learning (MA) (Online)

“Let your mind do the travelling”

The programme is delivered online and will be available to anyone who meets the entry requirements and is professionally engaged in eLearning development, online teaching, learning support, digital support or training practice using digital technology. It is highly relevant for professional practitioners who work in learning in a university or college, HRM, in business training, public sector services or for people considering moving into one of these areas.

The programme provides theory and practice through collaboratives of a range of learning technologies. It enables learners to explore the processes of designing and implementing technology-enhanced learning and issues concerning the practicalities of professional practice in their own context. It is the diversity of contexts that each student brings that significantly improves the content on the programme.


How to apply

Applications should be made directly to UWTSD.
Contact Programme Director Dr Alex Bell for details:

Request Information
Contact Email: a.bell@uwtsd.ac.uk
Contact Name: Dr Alex Bell

Tuition Fees 2023/24:
Home: £7,800
Overseas: £15,000

Why choose this course?

  1. The diversity of contexts offered on this collaborative online programme will widen your understanding and insights. All course content is provided online and students say the online library provides more than they need.
  2. The online engagement is collaborative so you will never be isolated from others in your class or the tutors there to support you.
  3. Being part time and fully online, it lets you combine your work with study, and is taken by students from all over the world.
  4. There is no attendance requirements, so you take your studies and classroom with you wherever you are, letting your mind do the travelling.
  5. Offered as PG Cert, PG Dip or MA entry. 

*UWTSD Carmarthen Business School: Rethinking Business for a Changing World Winner of ‘Tomorrow’s Employees’ at the Green Gown Awards 2018

**UWTSD 2017/19 ranked 1st in UK for overall postgraduate taught satisfaction (out of 81 participating HEIs).

What you will learn

Course Overview

Technology led learning is continuing to grow at a phenomenal rate and the market for eLearning has exceeded $52.6 billion in 2010. The development of professional qualifications to meet the personnel demands of this “star” industry are lagging behind. Online learning is the fastest growing educational sector and is foregrounded in staff development opportunities.

As an increasingly preferred approach for delivering training and education, the HE sector is now responding to the need for qualifications that underpin the professional status of this accelerating sector. This MA Online and Digital Learning programme is an online programme that is intended to attract a global student body.

Knowledge and understanding is achieved through learning activities that emphasise students’ engagement with research-led resources and dialogue and with each other and their tutor. Resources are made available electronically from a range of different sources including: e-books, electronic journal articles, videos, images, numerical data, voice recordings, transcripts, web applications and web documents, available through the University’s Virtual Learning Environment. 

With a growing emphasis on the digital economy and the use of online and digital technology in learning, eLearning is increasing due to advantages in cost, flexibility, access and relevance due to an increasingly digital and global workforce.  It is widely reported that learners/trainees want to see more technology-driven learning with emphasis on social and collaborative learning approaches. Technology use for online, digital and/or distance learning is no longer a specialist educational activity but is increasingly becoming a mainstream activity for both universities, training organisations and HRM functions within organisations. 

Our students are education, learning and training practitioners. The programme is available as a part-time programme and is intended for those already in employment in a field related to the programme in question.  Applicants would need to be practitioners engaged in any learning support, teaching or training practice. Students participating in the online programme will need to be able to draw from their own contexts and experiences to undertake activities and engage in online discussion, which draw from their own experiences in the interpretation of theory. Key groups would be higher and further education lecturers; human resources development employees responsible for organisational staff development; employees in a senior role with some responsible for staff development of employees; instructional designers and developers in commercial training organisations.

The programme is of course delivered through our online Virtual Learning Environment where you will get access to all your key learning activities, resources and your learning group using the latest communications tools and social media applications. Our University support services are on hand to guide you through your studies.

The programme provides opportunity for a stimulating learning experience led by staff informed by scholarship, professional practice and external engagement.  The values of sustainable development, global citizenship and collaboration are central to the programme’s content and learning approach. 

This programme aims to develop creative learning designers and facilitators who will collaboratively address present global challenges and opportunities with the insights, skills and influences to shape the future of online and digital learning.

Students on the programme will develop knowledge and understanding of organisations, the external context in which they operate and their management through critical engagement with their own practice.

The University of Wales. Trinity Saint David has significant experience of supporting MA learners at a distance. As an online learner on the MA you will benefit from a programme of study that is designed to be relevant to your current work and ambitions. The programme will connect you with key arguments and issues facing organisations and with your online tutors you engage with other MA students across the world to address key challenges. You will be learning with other people in different locations and in different contexts, giving you an opportunity to experience a range of different approaches, practices and perspectives on sustainability in Business.

The programme is delivered through our online Virtual Learning Environment where you will get access to all your key learning activities, resources and your learning group using the latest interactive communications tools and applications. Our University support services are on hand to guide you through your studies.

Module Topics

PGCert, PGDip & MA

  • Designing for Technology Enhanced Learning (30 credits; compulsory)
  • Implementing Technology Enhanced Learning (30 credits; compulsory).

PGDip & MA

  • Identity, Communities and Networks (30 credits; compulsory)
  • The Practitioner as Researcher (30 credits; compulsory).


  • Dissertation (60 credits; compulsory).

Your assessments are based on practice in designing ODL and piloting and implementing your ODL design. All assessments will be submitted online and will build and reflect on the collaborative activity within the modules. The tutor will provide formative and summative feedback and will be available by email, telephone and/ or Office 356 Skype for further clarification of feedback if requested by the student. Progression and award will comply with the standard University regulations for Masters programs. Arrangement for re-sit work will be provided through the University VLE. All Assessment are individual coursework built on collaborative engagement in the weekly learning activities and/or related to individual professional contexts.

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Key Information

Entry Criteria

You be individually considered for admission using the following criteria:

Normally, the possession of a minimum of a 2:2 honours degree, or an appropriate equivalent, i.e. a professional qualification, from a recognised British or overseas institution

Applicants must be employed in an organisation so that they can draw on their professional context for learning.

Demonstrably appropriate motivation and ambition for studying an MA. 

Fulfilling the essential criteria for the admission to the MA Programmes which is primarily the applicant’s ability to complete the programme satisfactorily and benefit from it. 

Applicants who do not fully satisfy the general criteria will be considered and may be admitted if they are able to demonstrate that they are capable of successfully undertaking and completing the programme at the required standard, and are able to contribute fully to, and benefit from, the learning experiences delivered within the programme.

There is no requirement for attendance in the UK for the MA online/distance learning programme.

Applicants who have already been taught and assessed in languages other than English should have demonstrable confidence to study through the English language equivalent to IELTS 6.0.

Applicants must have suitable access to computer equipment so that they can access the University VLE.

Admission criteria and entry qualifications for the MA Programmes may also include the applicant having equivalent of:-

  • A non-honours bachelors degree in a related or cognate subject from a UK university and relevant evidenced experience (normally equivalent to or comparable with two years)
  • An honours degree from a UK University in a non-related or cognate subject where the applicant has evidenced relevant experience (normally equivalent to or comparable with two years)
  • An equivalent certificated degree from a non-UK institution to those specified in (i) and (ii) above.
  • Non-degree qualifications such as the Higher National Diploma in related subjects (e.g. EdExel), or equivalent overseas qualifications, where the applicant has appropriate employment experience. (normally equivalent to or comparable with a minimum of three years)
  • Qualifications from relevant Professional Bodies, which are at a level below UK Honours Degree but demonstrate relevant professional experience,(normally equivalent to or comparable with a minimum of three years)

Candidates with related employment fields, or related area/discipline/subject experience, or defined the voluntary experience or similar related employment field experience may be admitted to the programme without a degree or degree equivalent qualifications if they can demonstrate their potential to meet the learning requirements of the programme.

Advanced Entry with APL/APCL Credit

Entrants with relevant and acceptable professional accreditation will be considered for exemptions.  Note: accreditation already received in qualifications are not admissible.

If you have already completed a PG Cert in a similar programme (e.g. PG Cert in Online Learning) then you can apply to be exempt from the first two modules. 


Normally, all applicants at postgraduate level can be interviewed. An offer of a place may be made based on the application form alone including academic history, a personal statement and a reference. 

International students, for whom English is not a first language, are subject to additional requirements and will be requested to provide evidence of sufficient command of spoken and written English to meet the demands of the MA Programmes. Normally an IELTs test score of 6.0 or 232 for the computer test or evidence or supplied references to working for a period of more than one year through the medium of English.

Career Opportunities

The PG Cert / PG Dip / MA Online and Digital Learning programme combines a theoretical approach with practical skills relevant for the teaching and training sectors and promotes an understanding of key concepts from an applied perspective. Graduates from the programme will have developed transferable employability skills such as research, problem-solving, data interpretation and critical thinking as well as gaining the knowledge and practical skills applicable to the sector. 

Graduates of the programme are likely to find employment within universities, vocational colleges, HRM departments, and training companies and be employed as course managers, lecturers, teachers, instructional designers, authors, TEL Directors, information specialists or media design.

Additional Costs

It is possible to complete this programme of study without any additional costs.

Regular Private/Public access to an Internet-accessible computer is expected from applicants.

Students may wish to purchase materials for modules, such as books may do so but this is not a requirement and will have no bearing on the final grade.

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Student Quotes

“I enjoy the flexibility of online learning. I highly recommend it to students willing to exercise discipline.”

“My online experience has been great so far. I like how weekly activities are laid out and reading material is provided for each activity.”

“I appreciate their availability, support and understanding, as well as the realistic course load and expectations, given that I (and perhaps others) work and travel quite often.” 

“I particularly liked how tutors attempted to link each module’s activities and assessments to both contemporary issues and student’s workplaces.”

“The online library is invaluable for further research. Tutors and fellow students responses to activities further enhances understanding and promotes discussion.”

“I am loving the ease and aesthetics of the Virtual Learning Environment.”

Bursary / Scholarship Information

All online/distance learning programmes at UWTSD have benefitted from a £1000 Bursary application scheme in recent years.

Scholarships and Bursaries

Further Information

Please get in touch with us if you have any questions related to the University or to this course in particular.