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Professional Practice – Voice Pedagogy (MA/PG Cert)

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The Professional Practice (Voice Pedagogy) (MA) is delivered as a partnership between the Wales Academy for Professional Practice, within UWTSD, and Voice Study Centre.

This innovative postgraduate pathway enables the academic study of vocal pedagogy and facilitates the research of new areas of learning. The modules allow for the design and implementation of new initiatives which seeks to contribute to an individual’s practice, organisation and professional network.

It is ideal for those who are working as vocal coaches/singing teachers or for those from a music background who wish to gain a firmer understanding of vocal pedagogy.


Please apply on the Voice Study Centre’s website.

Postgraduate Studies

PGCert: £3,500
MA: £9,995
PGCert: £3,995
MA: £11,995

Why choose this course?

  1. Study and contribute to world-leading Vocal Pedagogy research.
  2. 1-to-1 tutorial support.
  3. This course is based completely online.
  4. Weekly online short courses to supplement your study.
  5. Opportunity to specialise in areas such as Performance Coaching for Performing Artists, and Singing for Health
  6. Opportunity to present your research at events around the world.

What you will learn

Course Overview

The MA Professional Practice (Voice Pedagogy) enables singing teachers to apply theory to practice within the broad field of Voice Pedagogy.

Voice Study Centre facilitates the study of vocal pedagogy, with the added flexibility of exploring areas such as singing for health, and performance coaching for performing artists at MA level.

This programme is home to three flexible pathways.

It is possible to move between the pathways to suit your needs.

Voice Pedagogy – The Open Pathway provides complete flexibility within a blended learning framework. You can draw on a range of pre-recorded videos and live classes to tailor the course to your needs.

Singing for Health – The Singing for Health Pathway explores the recent research into singing for sealth. With a range of up-to-date videos, you can design projects to suit your practice.

Performance Coaching – With video content on the psychology of the performer, coaching, motivation and performance enhancement, the programme allows you to develop coaching and mentoring strategies to deal with stress, burnout, career coaching, performance anxiety, motivation and goal setting, and overall performance enhancement.

Module Topics

Module topics:

  • Evolution of Singing
  • Human Anatomy and Singing Overview
  • Vocal Anatomy and Singing Overview
  • Research Overview and Synopsis: Breathing Methodology, Posture and Alignment, Motor Learning and SOVT, Aging Voice and Developing Voices
  • Acoustics – Introduction, Overview and Application, Introduction to Voce Vista
  • Contemporary Commercial Music Pedagogy
  • Psychology of the Performer incorporating acceptance and commitment training and music performance anxiety
  • Mindfulness
  • Neuroscience and Pedagogy
  • Voice and Emotion
  • Transgender Voices
  • Accent Coaching
  • Coaching and Mentoring Theory
  • Singing for Health

Module 1

Introductory Module – 4,500 words. This module facilitates the exploration of theory in part one with direct application to practice in part two.

Module 2

Research Methods – 4,500 words. Qualitative and quantitative research methods.

Module 3

Work-Based Research Report – 9,000 words.

Open Choice. Choose an area of your practice to investigate. You can develop strategies for implementation and then test them out. Or you can deepen understanding by examining and analysing existing methods.

Independent Study 

9,000 words – Open Choice. This is an opportunity to carry out a detailed literature review to strengthen your practice. Evidence of practice application can take the form of a curriculum, strategy design, tools, workbooks, etc.

Independent Study 

9,000 words. As above.

Final dissertation 

15,000 words. The final piece will consist of primary research in an area of your choice.

Key Information

  • Debbie Winter – Course Director
  • Teresa Shaw  – Senior Lecturer
  • Kate Cubley  – Senior Lecturer
  • Emily Foulkes  – Senior Lecturer
Entry Criteria
  • The pre-requisite for the MA is a degree or degree-level equivalent.
  • We do accept Trinity and ABRSM higher-level Diplomas providing there is an academic component to them.
  • We will accept level 5 qualifications in some cases, and we do accept level 6 transcriptions where a degree level qualification has not been completed.
  • Please do enquire as to your qualification status.
  • Students without the requisite qualifications can undertake the foundation course at no extra cost and forms part of our inclusivity policy.
Career Opportunities

This course enables singing teachers and other voice professionals to apply theory to practice within the field of Voice Pedagogy.

Further Information

If you have any questions, please contact info@voicestudycentre.com