Marilyn Allen

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Dr Marilyn  Allen

  • Director of Studies / Supervisor for Ph.D. candidates

Tel: 01792 481285

Dr. Marilyn Allen is a Director of Studies and Supervisor for research degree candidates across a range of contemporary art and media practices at Swansea College of Art. Dr. Allen currently supervises fourteen practice-based Ph.D.s, which include research on affect and digitality, performance, duration and temporality, technologies of détournement and critical perspectives on feminism and gender studies.

Ph.D. research supervised to completion:

  • Considering ‘The Encounter’ in gallery community programmes: Increasing engagement and impact on health in the community, 2021.
  • Bio-rhythms / Digi-rhythms: Synthesising the Digitally Mediated Body Through Performative Methodologies, 2020.
  • Unreported Failure in Participatory Arts Evaluation and its Impact on Artists’ Wellbeing, 2020.
  • Landscape Aesthetics in Practice, 2018.

Higher Education Academy Fellow

Marilyn Allen is an artist and writer (understood as coexistent and coextensive practices). Allen’s research typically explores the potential for new narrative flows (both actual and potential) to be produced through deconstructive processes which unsettle the perceived fixity of writing. Allen describes these processes as word events (mo[ve]ments) which generate a speculative space for the intensification and temporalisation of writing (delete as applicable). Allen’s word events are often ludic(rous) and employ humour as method to (re)consider the tensive dynamic between sense and nonsense, noesis and poesis, majoritarian and minoritarian, the sublime and the ridiculous.

(forthcoming) Allen, M. Gørrill H. & Williams, S. 2025. Wife, Witch, Whore: Essential Conversations about Gender, Art and Culture, Bloomsbury Publishing

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