Dr Marilyn  Allen BA (Hons) Fine Art, PGCE, MA Fine Art, Ph.D

  • Coordinator of contextual practices for the MA Contemporary Dialogues, MArts/MDes and Master by Research programmes.
  • MRes / Ph.D Director of Studies / Supervisor

Tel: 01792 481285

The role of a postgraduate lecturer at Swansea College of Art encompasses the research, writing and delivery of a programme of lectures and seminars designed to facilitate the application of critical thought and a contextual exploration of art and design practice and research.

Higher Education Academy Fellow

Dr Marilyn Allen is an artist, writer, theorist, and one half of the collaborative double act ‘matthews and allen’. matthews and allen’s research emerges as an experimental inquiry into collaborative voicing which typically problematises monovocality through a pluralisation of voices. matthews and allen’s methodological use of citationality evokes a state of indeterminacy wherein authorial precedence is unsettled and a disjunctive network of knowledge is established. Their praxis is one of critical disruption, incorporating humour, performance writing and a ludic approach to language.

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