HRH Prince Charles presents Harmony Professors of Practice at UWTSD Lampeter


His Royal Highness Prince Charles, Patron of the University of Wales Trinity Saint David has presented five Harmony Professor of Practice to highly regarded individuals who have made a significant contribution to sustainability in the UK.

David Cadman, Juliet Davenport, Peter Davies, Tony Juniper, and John Sauven were conferred Harmony Professors of Practice at the university’s graduation ceremonies on the Lampeter campus.

The title of ‘Professor of Practice’ is bestowed upon an individual to honour and recognise that person for having attained academic and/or professional distinction in those disciplines which are aligned with the strategic intentions of the university.

Professor Medwin Hughes, DL, UWTSD Vice-Chancellor said:“His Royal Highness has successfully crafted a narrative which calls upon us to critically reflect and review the nature of this “disconnected world”.  His philosophy of placing Nature and Harmony at the heart of our understanding has produced thought provoking analysis on a global “crisis of perception. Harmony and sustainability is at the heart of the University of Wales Trinity Saint David.  Our graduates need to be able to critique and reflect upon ensuring greater harmony in this world.  The University has developed an institute focussed upon harmony; we are awarding five harmony professors today and we are launching a new exhibition which includes excerpts of His Royal Highness’s inspirational speeches and articles,” he said.

UWTSD’s Dr Jane Davidson, Associate Pro Vice Chancellor and Director of Inspire said: “Honorary Professors of Practice are a new innovation for the university, to work with partners with specific expertise related to our strategic aims who do not come through the traditional academic route. With them, we can enhance our access to a range of defined skills to support academy delivery and build upon our rapidly improving reputation for delivering graduate skills in the context of employability, sustainability and work-related education and training.”

Professor David Cadman is an urban land economist and writer. He is interested in ways in which language and values shape our lives and has explored these themes through a study of myths, teachings of the Buddha, and other sacred texts, looking at how we can dwell more lightly on the land. He is the joint editor of HRH’s Speeches and Articles, 1968 – 2012, published by the University of Wales Press.

After being awarded Harmony Professor of Practice, Professor Cadman said: “This has been a tremendous honour for me to receive such a prestigious award and to link my work and my thoughts with the university.”

Juliet Davenport is the founder and CEO of Chippenham-based Good Energy, one of the UK’s first 100% renewable electricity supply and generator companies. A founding member of the Social Stock Exchange, Good Energy has set the energy market standard for ethically and socially responsible companies.

Professor Davenport said she was delighted and deeply honoured to have been made a Harmony Professor of Practice.

Peter Davies was appointed Commissioner for Wales and Vice Chair of the UK Sustainable Development Commission in 2005. Welsh Government appointed him as Wales’ first Sustainable Futures Commissioner in April 2011. He was appointed to be the first independent chair of the Climate Change Commission for Wales in 2011.

Professor Davies said: “It is an incredible honour to be awarded a Harmony Professor of Practice. I have great admiration for the work of this university and I am so pleased to be playing a supporting role in its development.”

John Sauven is the Executive Director of Greenpeace UK. He co-ordinated the international campaign to secure a moratorium on further destruction of the Amazon by soya producers. It was one of Greenpeace’s most successful campaigns to protect large areas of the world’s last intact rainforests providing both climate and biodiversity protection.

Professor Sauven said: “This is my first visit to the university and I have been overwhelmed by the energy of the staff and students. We want to collectively harness all of this energy and link in with all the thinking and learning here to create a more harmonious, peaceful, prosperous and more sustainable society. And I hope our contribution to this will help us reach our end goal.”

Tony Juniper is an independent sustainability and environment adviser, including as Special Advisor with the Prince of Wales’s International Sustainability Unit, Fellow with the University of Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership and as cofounder of sustainability consultancy group Robertsbridge.

After being awarded Professor of Practice, Tony Juniper said: “It’s wonderful that he Harmony idea is being placed at the heart of the University of Wales Trinity Saint David.  I hope that the powerful ideas can help a new generation of thinkers and doers to make the world a better place.”

The professors’ appointments came just a day after the five Harmony Professors of Practice took part in day of debate and discussion on the environment, and how we can better live in harmony with the Earth.

Entitled, ‘Living on Earth: Charting a Course for Harmony,’ it was led by the Quaker writer David Cadman and by the leading environmentalists John Sauven and Tony Juniper. They were joined by Juliet Davenport and Dr Jane Davidson, Director of INSPIRE and Associate Pro Vice-Chancellor of UWTSD and Green Gown Award winner Dr Luci Attala.

The event, which took place at the Tucker Lecture Theatre in UWTSD’s Lampeter campus, on Thursday, July was organised by Dr Nick Campion of the Sophia Centre for the study of Cosmology in Culture and the Institute of Sustainable Practice, Innovation and Resource Effectiveness (INSPIRE), University of Wales Trinity Saint David And in partnership with Shumacher College.