My Youth Work Story by Llyr Tobin


To celebrate Youth Work Week, UWTSD graduate Llyr Tobin shares his youth work journey experience.

Youth Work Week is an annual event that provides youth workers and young people with the opportunity to celebrate the achievements and impacts of youth work.

From a young age I was an active member a youth centre in my local town. Growing up, I wasn’t the best behaved young person.  I had very little interest in school, maybe because I’m dyslexic and wasn’t able to do academic things like other people in my classes. Physical activities were the only things that I was good at, and football was one of them, and due to injuries and living in a rural area football fast became a passionate hobby. Due to not being a very academic person, choosing a career was a daunting task, but my engagement in youth work gave me a career path. Through the youth centre that I was an active member of, I completed a number of training courses including the Senior Member Training. After this I knew that youth work was the career path I wanted to go down.

I studied for my degree at the University of Wales Trinity Saint David, and graduated last year with a 2:i.  During my time at university I was able to try different placements which included centre based provision, targeted youth work, and school based youth work which included partnership working within the community. After leaving university I decided that I didn’t want to go into a job straight away, so I went traveling around Asia, Australia, and New Zealand, and settling down in a small town in New Zealand called Queenstown, which is known as the adrenaline capital of the world. Whilst over here I’ve gained more experience in a wide range of outdoor activities and through coaching football. Due to all this, and being an active person  has allowed me to apply this to my work, which has helped me obtain a job in the local youth centre where I first started out as a young person at the age of 11.

Note to Editor

Image: First on left: Llyr Tobin