The Venerable Master Chin Kung awarded an Honorary Doctorate


His Royal Highness, The Prince of Wales, Royal Patron of the University of Wales Trinity Saint David, conferred the award of an Honorary Doctorate (Doctor of Letters, Honoris Causa) upon the Venerable Master Chin Kung.

Chin Kung Graduation

The Venerable Master Chin Kung, is founder and spiritual leader to a global network of over 100 Buddhist societies, foundations and learning centres, that together represent an international following of over 300 million people. 

Working though this global network, his aspiration is to develop across the world a greater knowledge and understanding of the central ideals and practice of Buddhism, and particularly Pure Land Buddhism, as derived from his many years of study into the rich traditional of ancient Chinese philosophy and spiritual texts

In his presentation to the University’s degree congregation on the Lampeter campus, Dr Jeremy Smith, Dean of the Faculty of Humanities and Performing Arts said “Since his ordination as a Buddhist monk in Taiwan in 1959, the Venerable Master Chin Kung has been a tireless lecturer, educationalist, writer and broadcaster and spiritual guide, for a practical Buddhism, with a core massage based upon ten fundamental principles to a harmonious life and society.  Those principles are true sincerity, a purity of mind, equality, a proper understanding of the world around us, compassion, seeing through falsehood to truth, letting go of worldly ties, attaining true freedom, living with established cultural traditions, and being mindful of others.

“These are the principles the Master has taken into audiences with all world leaders and into organisations that can bring influence and encouragement to bear upon states and governments.  In January, 2004 for example, at the invitation of UNESCO and the Asia NGO Summit for International Contribution, Master Chin Kung delivered the keynote address to its conference in Okayama, Japan on “Education for Sustainable Development.

“Chin Kung’s message is not solely or even exclusively for governments; it is one for all people and all societies.  It is disarmingly simple but intensely relevant and resonant.  He says “If we wish to achieve a harmonious and multicultural society, we need to have the realization and understanding that we are all one”.  These are the sentiments which, whatever one’s religion, creed or belief – or non belief – we can all empathise.  These are the sentiments which the University hopes to develop a lasting and effective partnership with Master Chin Kung in common pursuit of a multi-faith future, based on a respect and a humility towards others, and a wider understanding of the essential human commonality across all religions, cultures and societies.

The University of Wales Trinity Saint David has already announced an historic agreement with the Chin Kung Multi-Cultural Educational Foundation, to develop a range of postgraduate programmes on the Lampeter campus, to be jointly delivered by a newly established College of Sinology and the Faculty of Humanities and Performing Arts.

Note to Editor

Picture caption:  The Right Revd Wyn Evans, Bishop of St Davids, The Venerable Master Chin Kung, Professor Medwin Hughes, DL, Vice-Chancellor, The Venerable Randolph Thomas, Chair of Governors.