University of Wales Trinity Saint David student shortlisted for British Education Award


University of Wales Trinity Saint David is delighted to announce that graduate Morwenna Stewart has been shortlisted as a finalist for the British Education Awards (BEA).

morwenna stewart

Morwenna was awarded a First Class BA Graphic Design Degree at UWTSD last summer, achieving one of the highest awarded marks for her portfolio work. But what made it even more remarkable, was that Morwenna studied at UWTSD whilst working as a voluntary crew member for Mumbles Lifeboat.

Morwenna was nominated for the BEA by her lecturers at UWTSD. The BEA identifies and celebrates individuals who have excelled within the education system. In doing so, this award acknowledges that success comes down to personal endeavour and application.

UWTSD Course Director in Graphic Design, Donna Williams said: “Morwenna has proved to be an influential and supportive student to the whole department at the Faculty of Art and Design. Her design work combines personal creative approaches with professional and well considered finishes. Her gentle but assertive manner has served well within the group dynamics where she always encouraged other students. We were astounded to find out that she managed all of this whilst volunteering at Mumbles Lifeboat!”

Morwenna enrolled on UWTSD’s BA Graphic Design course in 2013 as a mature student after spending 7 years working as an Outward Bound Instructor. She also combined her studies with a part time job as a design intern for UWTSD Student Union and since graduating, has recently started her own business, Wenna Designs. Morwenna said: “I loved my time at University! Parts of it were challenging and really pushed me but it was so good being immersed in learning about something I was so passionate about. So many great opportunities popped up during the course and the lecturers really pushed me to explore Graphic Design and all that it could be.  In terms of managing the work, I think it was very beneficial having come from full time work into the degree - I treated it as a 9-5 job which was great to keep me in the right routine! Essay writing was a bit of a shock to the system though.”

During her final year, Morwenna was part of the crew that went on the Mumbles Lifeboat 100th service. When asked about how she juggled her duties with studying, working and home, she said: “On the whole it was completely fine. It’s what all volunteers do within the RNLI, whether its studies, work, families, we all have to fit the two aspects of our lives together. My lecturers were very supportive and understanding especially on the odd occasion there had been a call out early in the morning and I’d arrive a little blurry eyed to lectures!” Mumbles Lifeboat Coxswain Martin Double has applauded her nomination for the British Education Awards. He said: “Morwenna has been a great asset to us at The Mumbles Lifeboat station. Her dedication and commitment is second to none. Morwenna has helped rescue many people over the last few years from situations as simple as a dog who has fallen from a cliff to administering first aid to suspected heart attack victims. She deserves the best of any accolade we can offer.”

Whilst working towards her degree, Morwenna said she took the opportunity to acquire many of the training opportunities that UWTSD offered. For example, she undertook training in the traditional letterpress facilities and became the first person to gain the requirements to be an independent letterpress practitioner. She also designed the brochure for the BA Photography degree programme. She also participated in University events including the annual ‘Design Week’ in which she used her skills as an instructor to lead the group of design students.

After graduating, Morwenna attended the ‘New Designers’ Exhibition in London. Her talent was spotted by industry professionals and she was a number of offered high profile job opportunities. However, she has decided at this present moment to keep her skills in Wales. She is now part of the University Design Team in the Student Union and has started her own freelance design company which she operates from her home in the Gower. She has been working on a visual campaign that links the need for the public to understand the risks of cut off islands and tides in South Wales, which combines her two loves of design and the water.her previous employer, The Outward Bound Trust also asked her to be use her photography skills to at an event led by the Trust’s instructor teams and Sir Chris Bonington. Morwenna said: “The dream? A Small gallery / coffee shop from which I could run Wenna Designs from by the beach, or perhaps working for a surf magazine!”

The British Education Awards takes place on Monday, 30th January at 6pm at the Grand Connaught Rooms, 61-65 Great Queen St, London.

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