UWTSD graduate Jade Marling’s passion for her career has seen her land a top job in her home city


UWTSD Graphic design graduate Jade Marling was so passionate about getting a job in the specialist industry that she contacted her future employer directly.

And although they weren’t hiring at the time, bosses were so impressed with Jade’s portfolio of work, they immediately created a position for her.

Jade graduated with a first class honours degree in graphic design from Swansea College of Art UWTSD last year. She dreamed of a career in the profession and one she could enjoy in her home city of Swansea.

So she embarked on a new tactic and decided to make direct contact with the company she wanted to work for.

Her persistence paid off when she met with SA1 Solutions, an IT company on Garngoch Industrial Estate, which owns design company, Picseli.

Taken aback by Jade's efforts, Mike Walsh, head designer and director of Picseli, took the time to look through her portfolio. Impressed with what he saw, he immediately offered her a job.

Ms Marling, now a graphic designer at Picseli, said: "I felt I needed to do something different, which is why I decided to approach the company in person, introduce myself and tell them about my skills and achievements.

"I was so nervous and hoping someone would speak to me, but I was determined to do it to find my dream job. My time at UWTSD had given me the confidence in my ability and great advice from my lecturers to follow it through to success. I was so pleased when SA1 Solutions welcomed me in and offered me a graphic designer position, as this was exactly what I was hoping for."

Mr Walsh said she had the talent and was worth creating a job for.

He said: "I really admired the fact that she had the perseverance to do what she was doing. She clearly had the burning desire to work in this industry, which is a big thing for me. I then looked at her work and could see she also had talent. We weren't hiring at the time but we managed to create a position for her."

Simon Ahearne, managing director of SA1 Solutions, said her determined attitude sealed the deal.

"We were really impressed by Jade's willingness to stop at nothing to find a job in the area she wished to work in," he said. "As a high-achieving graduate with such eagerness and determination, we were more than happy to hear what she had to say when she turned up at our offices.

"It is tough for young people today to enter the job market and we feel as a local employer that it is our duty to help get talented individuals into the workforce."

He added Jade had made a great addition to the SA1 Solutions team and he looked forward to seeing her develop her skills as a graphic designer.

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