UWTSD graduate organises Swansea and Gower’s special Beach Sculpture Festival


A University of Wales Trinity Saint David graduate, Sara Holden, is organising the Swansea and Gower’s special Beach Sculpture Festival, part of the Sculpture by the Sea UK Festival 2016.

Sara, an MA Visual Arts Enterprise graduate, generated the business proposal as part of her studies at UWTSD and received Arts Council of Wales funding.  As a Welsh Government role model with Big Ideas Wales, Sara shares her insights into starting a business with Colleges and Universities, across Wales.

The Swansea and Gower’s special Beach Sculpture Festival, now in its 12th year, allows people to discover their natural creativity.

People get the chance to work with a team of artists to create an open- air display of temporary sculpture made from natural materials, such as sand, shells or pebbles found at the festival beaches. The artworks are inspired by the special beaches and their marine life making the event both educational and fun. The workshops are free for everyone – all ages and cultures, adults and children are welcome to join in.

The event includes free art workshops with artists Sara Holden, Tina-Marie Cunningham, Ami Marsden, Catrin Jones, Viv Rhule And David Pitt.

Kathryn Penaluna, Enterprise Manager Research, Innovation & Enterprise Services  at UWTSD said: “UWTSD are proud to be co-sponsors of this fantastic event. We embed creative thinking and entrepreneurship across all our courses at UWTSD. It equips our students with the confidence and enterprise skills to start their own business or work as practitioners. Sara is an exceptional artist who has demonstrated the positive impact of creative and enterprising thinking.

“The sculptures produced during the festival transform the beach, the smiles from participants of all ages are infectious and their accessibility ensures that the community is able to enjoy and engage with them. It brings art to a wider audience and encourages participation in community arts. We are thrilled when our graduates succeed in their chosen field and we offer our support way beyond graduation."

The Beach Sculpture Festival will take place:

1. Monday, 25th July

 Caswell Beach, Gower

2. Tuesday, 26th July

 Oxwich Beach, Gower

3. Wednesday, 27th July

 Port Eynon Beach, Gower

4. Thursday, 28th July

 Bracelet Bay Beach, Mumbles

5. Friday, 29th July

Blackpill Beach (by Lido), Swansea

Note to Editor

  1. For more information please contact Sara Jones, PR and Communications Officer, on 07449 998 478 or via email at sara.f.jones@uwtsd.ac.uk