UWTSD student launches her latest poetry collection


The book launch of Gardening With Deer, the latest poetry collection by UWTSD MA Creative Writing student Kathy Miles, will take place on Friday June 3rd at UWTSD Lampeter. The book launch will be hosted by Cinnamon Press.

Gardening With Deer sees Kathy Miles continuing to surprise, delight and unsettle. Weaving together life and myth, light and dark, the poems are vivid and visceral. The language is honed, beautifully controlled, exquisitely crafted so that the images resonate long after reading.

Kathy is a poet, playwright and short-story writer. Kathy also writes children's stories and monologues. She was born in Liverpool and moved to Wales in 1972. She is currently studying MA Creative Writing at UWTSD Lampeter, and formerly worked as a librarian at the University.

She is a founder-member of the Lampeter Writers' Workshop and has been published in numerous magazines and anthologies. Her poetry has been successful in several major competitions, including the National Poetry Prize and most recently as winner of the Bridport Prize.

Kathay won the prestigious Bridport Prize 2015 achieving first place in the poems category. The mission of the Bridport Prize is to encourage emerging writers and promote literary excellence through its competition structure. It was founded by Bridport Arts Centre in 1973 and has steadily grown in stature and prestige. The competition attracted entries from all parts of the UK and from overseas.

Kathy said: "The Bridport Prize is one of the most respected poetry awards in the UK and I am thrilled and delighted, as well as a little amazed, to have won it. The fact that I have done so is, I believe, a tribute to the excellence of the teaching in the UWTSD Creative Writing Department.

“The Creative Writing MA at UWTSD Lampeter has been one of the best and most life-changing things I have ever done. The teaching has been excellent, and has shown me how to refine and hone my work, impose a rigorous writing discipline on myself, and to work to specific deadlines. I have also learned to apply different writing techniques to a range of genres.

“In particular, Menna Elfyn and Samantha Wynne-Rhydderch have been instrumental in helping me edit my work with constructive criticism and incisive comments.   Once I have completed the MA, I hope to work full-time as a writer, and this has given me the impetus to continue, and the skills to improve my work to a publishable standard.”

Professor Menna Elfyn, renowned Welsh poet and Director of the Creative Writing Programme at UWTSD said:

“Why am I not surprised that Kathy Miles has beaten thousands of poets from around the world with the Bridport Prize, one of the most coveted prizes in the UK?  She infuses her poetry with intensity and tenderness. There is clarity in her voice and spareness in language which delights the reader. Ultimately her success as a poet is her ability to wonder at the world in  more than a 'grain of sand.'  We are glad that she chose to study the Masters in Creative Writing at UWTSD though she was already a published poet and former librarian at UWTSD. May this be a springboard to other successes and also international recognition - her work deserves to be read.”

Master's degree programmes in Creative Writing have been offered at UWTSD Lampeter since 1997 and have attracted students from a range of backgrounds and experiences – from recent graduates to mature students with a wealth of life experience. The programme is designed for committed writers who wish to complete significant pieces of work and generally broaden their experience as writers.

The overall aim of the programme is to equip students with the ability to hone their writing skills and to develop areas of creativity at an advanced level, while the practical benefits offered by the schemes will enable students to pursue careers as professional writers, editors and publishers as well as those roles which command an excellent command of language.

A focus on the ability to communicate clearly through precise language prepares students for a range of careers, from writing-based advertising or journalism, to related professions such as publishing, publicity or arts administration. Students will also be able to apply the knowledge and skills acquired on the courses to teach others these skills, whether it be in schools, colleges or in the community.

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