UWTSD’s Daffodil Ride raises £3,500 for Trust PA Spinal Injury Charity


University of Wales Trinity Saint David BSc Personal Training students have presented a cheque of £3,500 to Trust PA Spinal Injury Charity. The money was raised from the Daffodil Ride, a cycling challenge organised by 3rd year students from the School of Sport, Health and Outdoor Education. The Daffodil ride took place on Sunday 28th of February and saw hundreds of riders embarking on the challenge of a 43 mile loop through hilly Carmarthenshire.

Five BSc Personal Training students, Jake Doan, Lauren Tynan, Nathan Collyns, Charles Parson and Owain Tobias were in charge of organising the Daffodil Ride this year.

Trust PA is a registered charity set up in memory of Paul-André Blundell [known to his friends as P-A]. 14 years ago, P-A was playing rugby when he had a serious neck injury, paralysing him instantly from the neck down. He was expected to return home but tragically died of a blood clot. Trust PA is working to help fund the process of converting ground breaking laboratory science into real treatments for the repair of spinal cord injury (SCI) paralysis.

Gerri and Rob Blundell, P-A’s parents and founders of Trust PA have raised £400,000 over the years.

Gerri said: “It’s wonderful to receive this cheque from the students here at UWTSD. The money raised will make a tremendous difference to Trust PA. Receiving cheques of this amount is fantastic, it’s not often we receive a donation of this magnitude.”

The charity work closely with UK Professor Geoffery Raisman FRC UCL.

“Current ground-breaking work by Professor Geoffery Raisman is leading to safe treatments being made available in NHS Hospitals to repair spinal cord injuries. These could become available in a matter of years so long as we can continue the funding.”

Rob said: “When P-A had his accident we looked into spinal injury and were shocked to realise the number of people and the average age affected by SCI. Sadly, every day in the UK another four men, women or children are involved in accidents which result in a paralysing spinal cord injury - that is 28 a week, and over 100 a month with an average age of just 19 years - all paralysed for life.

“The important point is that the results of the ground breaking work by Professor Geoffery Raisman will help a lot of other central nervous problems too, including nerve damage, nerve blindness, Alzheimer's and Parkinson’s disease. Therefore it isn’t just spinal cord injury that will benefit from this research, there have already been successes with glaucoma for instance.”

The BSc Personal Training students were thrilled to have raised the money for Trust PA.

Nathan Collyns, Personal Training student, said: “It’s a brilliant feeling to have raised this money for Trust PA. It was an outstanding turnout at the Daffodil Ride and the whole event went really well.”

Owain Tobias, Personal Training student, said: “I think we all had a shock about how much we raised and how many people turned up on the day. It was great to see people putting the effort in because it wasn’t an easy challenge. We had a lot of comments from competitors saying it was one of the best organised events they’d competed in, that was a really nice boost to the whole team.”

To learn more about Trust PA visit http://www.trustpa.org/index.asp 

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