UWTSD's Marlene’s Marvels continue to inspire others ahead of the Cardiff Half Marathon on October 2


Gareth Thomas believes his ‘Alfie’s Angels’ will inspire thousands of people to get fit by running the Cardiff Half Marathon. And hard at work helping to achieve that aim is UWTSD’s Marlene’s Marvels, namely, Louise Harris, Melanie Lawlor-Fellowes, Helen Thomas, Marlene Tobias and Mel Thomas.

The rugby legend is currently training more than 100 women and men to get in shape for Wales’ biggest half marathon on Sunday, October 2, for the second series of his television programme Gareth Thomas: Alfie’s Angels. All of his 116 ‘Angels’, 113 women and three men, completed a 6.5-mile course starting and finishing in Cardiff Castle last Sunday to mark four weeks until race day.

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Louise Harris, Principal Administrative Officer at UWTSD’s Faculty of Architecture, Computing and Engineering said : “We all successfully completed the half a half marathon/6.5 miles run with Alfie and the crew and other Angels. We met in Cardiff Castle last Sunday for a training session which involved an inspirational talk with Alfie and we got to meet the some of the original Angels from last year’s programme who also ran the course with us. Alfie ran and motivated all of the Angels along the route. We now have four weeks of training left before the big day on October 2 and we are all training hard and the fund raising is under way for the Wales Air Ambulance.”

The women and men taking part in the challenge have all been chosen because they are new to running and have never completed a half marathon before but all are keen to use the event to improve their health and well-being.

Former Wales star Gareth Thomas said: “Every one of my Angels has put in a tremendous amount of effort and can be very proud of themselves. When we started this journey a few months ago many of the women could not run for one minute without stopping, now they have all completed half a half-marathon. I am confident all of them will finish the Cardiff Half Marathon, it’s not going to be easy but it will be a huge achievement for all of them. They have inspired me with the amount of hard work and determination they have shown and I’m sure they will inspire thousands of people across Wales.They show that you can achieve anything if you set your mind to it and I am so grateful to be a part of their journey.”

The Angels will join more than 20,000 runners taking part in this year’s Cardiff University/Cardiff Half Marathon on the 13.1-mile route around the capital.

 Marlene’s Marvels are raising money for the Wales Air Ambulance and their just-giving page for donation is www.justgiving.com/Louise-Harris26

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