UWTSD’s Professor Andy Penaluna to give a talk at the OECD Centre for Educational Research and Innovation (CERI) in Paris on June 20


UWTSD’s Professor Andy Penaluna has been invited to give a talk to international experts at the OECD Centre for Educational Research and Innovation (CERI) in Paris on June 20.

The Centre for Educational Research and Innovation (CERI) does extensive research work that covers learning at all ages, from birth to old age. It goes beyond the formal education system and has a ‘big picture’ approach. While having a particular concern with emerging trends and issues so that it can forecast future needs. CERI specifically focuses on the futures of schools and universities. CERI’s main role is to help to set an agenda for the future, with a goal to ensure that the work is thoroughly integrated with research that helps to develop innovation awareness. Specific emphasis is put on accumulating statistical evidence to prove the value of its research work. 

Professor Penaluna, Director of UWTSD’s International Institute for Creative Entrepreneurial Development, University of Wales Trinity Saint David will deliver the RSA / UWTSD IICED presentation and is the only UK representative invited into this prestigious international group.

Professor Penaluna, who has won a Queen’s Award for Enterprise Promotion and has been named among the Maserati Top 100 Entrepreneurs, said: "The aim of the meeting is to initiate the development of International HE level interventions that assist creativity and innovation development, as this is seen to be a significant skills gap in traditional Higher Education offerings. Some people will have heard of Sir Ken Robinson and we worked with him last year, now it is time to take the next steps to preparing Universities for new teaching roles that they will need to develop."

Professor Penaluna will take part in a session entitled: ‘Entrepreneurship education approaches’. This session will discuss how entreprise (or entrepreneurial) education relates to the fostering of creativity and critical thinking and what models it uses to this effect.

Professor Penaluna said: "The OECD are the world’s leading think tank when it comes to education and learning. Here in UWTSD we have been driving research into how people can learn to be more creative and the OECD want to know more about it, so that creativity and the types of thinking needed in a world that is ever changing can be developed in Universities around the world."

Note to Editor

Additional notes for Editors

Last Summer Professor Penaluna, was recognised for his UK-wide contribution to business and enterprise skills by being awarded the Queen’s Award for Enterprise Promotion.

The Queen’s Awards scheme is regarded as the most prestigious business awards in the county. The Queen’s Award for Enterprise Promotion is presented to people who have played an outstanding role in promoting enterprise skills and attitudes.

The accolade came six months after Professor Penaluna won the Institute of Enterprise and Entrepreneurs and the Small Firms Enterprise Development Initiative Enterprise Educators Award at the House of Lords.

Professor Penaluna has made enterprise a valuable and significant part of the educational curriculum with UWTSD being the first in the UK to offer a fully validated PGCE/PCET teacher training module in entrepreneurship education. 

Professor Penaluna’s dedication to furthering enterprise in education means he is now working closely with Welsh and UK Governments and advising the European Commission and the United Nations Conference for Trade and Development on enterprise education policy. He has also co-authored a report calling for better entrepreneurial skills at all levels of education from primary school through to retirement.

UWTSD has taken a global lead on innovation, enterprise and entrepreneurship education. It has challenged many theories of business education and informed the international entrepreneurial community on approaches for engaging and enhancing creativity in an enterprise context. The University has spearheaded international efforts to find new ways of supporting students and to equip them for the 21st century working environment, where flexibility and adaptability will be key skills.

As a result of its work in this field, UWTSD has become one of the best higher education institutions in the country for producing successful graduate start-up businesses.

In 2014, the University contributed to a major UK Government report, on behalf of the All-Party Parliamentary Group for Micro Businesses, which recognised the key role entrepreneurs play in the drive for growth, and which looked at the effectiveness of our education system in supporting our entrepreneurs.

The United Nations’ Chief of Entrepreneurship, Fiorina Mugione, chose UWTSD to support the UN’s Empretec programme, which inspires entrepreneurs in developing countries and countries with economies in transition.

The University’s track record involves significant contributions to major reports relating to enterprise and entrepreneurship education across the UK. This included The Wilson Review of Business-University Collaboration and the Quality Assurance Agency's (QAA) Guidelines for Enterprise and Entrepreneurship Education, which UWTSD chaired.

IICED, based at UWTSD in Swansea, is an international focal point which brings together a distinguished group of international experts in entrepreneurial education to engage in high-level discussions and to consider global perspectives that can impact, or have impacted, on policy-making. The Institute’s aim is to inform international best practice in enterprise, entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial teaching, learning and evaluation.

Through the work of IICED, Professor Penaluna has entered a period of significant engagement across Europe helping to craft the development of enterprise and entrepreneurship education throughout the continent.

He has;

Led the development of new compulsory entrepreneurial education for the Republic of Macedonia

Provided expert advice for the EU’s SephHE project on best practice / supporting potential for entrepreneurial education in higher education (Wupertal, Germany)

Provided expert advice for the EU’s new competence framework for entrepreneurial education (Seville, Spain)