“Bee Friendly” UWTSD students help produce pollinator-friendly communities


Students at the University of Wales Trinity Saint David have taken part in a national initiative aimed at encouraging people and organisations to help pollinators, including bees and butterflies.  To help mark ‘Go Green Week’ students and staff at the university came together to plant a wild flower bee garden to create a habitat to assist bees and other pollinators.  

Bee Friendly Garden 1

The Welsh Government “Bee Friendly” scheme aims to reduce, and reverse, the decline in wild and managed pollinator populations by encouraging community organisations including schools, public bodies, councils, businesses and universities to help provide pollinator-friendly food sources and places for insect pollinators to live as well as a commitment to stop using chemicals that harm pollinators.  The scheme also asks organisations to help promote this work within the community by telling people why it’s important to help pollinators.

Jennifer Lloyd Green Engagement Officer at UWTSD said:

“Through our various activities during Go Green Week we’re extremely pleased to be able to offer our support to the Welsh Government’ Bee-Friendly’ initiative.  The focus of the Bee Friendly campaign of course is to encourage as many organisations as possible to contribute and support the scheme in an enjoyable way.  

However, there is also a serious message here as recent studies clearly show that the number of pollinators is in serious decline.  Indeed over the last twenty to thirty years research indicates that honeybees showed a 23% decline in Wales.    This has happened due to factors such as habitat loss, pesticide use and climate change and it’s our duty to try and improve the situation. 

By taking part in such activities we can help protect pollinators and deliver multiple economic, social and environmental benefits for our local community here in Carmarthen.”

Amy Burton, Green Officer for the Students Union added:

“It's troubling that many people are still unaware that Bees are under serious threat. Three species of bumble bee are already extinct in the UK, sadly with many more heading the same way. Luckily, there are many little things we can do to help save the bumble bees and this is one of the reasons I have been backing the campaign by Bee Friendly Wales and Friends of the Earth to make Carmarthen a bee-friendly campus. 

It's fantastic too that the University is behind the campaign and showing support for students’ passions. The afternoon was great, many students got involved and we had a lot of fun digging and planting - so much so that we decided after finishing one patch, to create a second one, so now there are two! They should be in flower by about May and June time, so it will be really exciting to watch them blossom and hopefully start to attract some buzzing bees!”

Go Green Week is the UK’s largest week of student climate action and students and staff at UWTSD held a full week of events at each of the university’s campuses.  Pro Vice Chancellor for Engagement and Sustainability, Dr Jane Davidson added:

"Our Go Green Week activities have been extremely successful with many students and staff members taking part across all our campuses.  The week is an important part of the University’s strategic priority to embed sustainability as a core principle across all aspects of the University.  We take this matter extremely seriously and over the past 5 years we’ve seen continual improvement in this area which has seen the university gain a number of UK wide awards, including 3 Green Gown awards.”  

Further Information

For further information please contact Arwel Lloyd, Principal PR and Communications Officer, on 01267 676663 / arwel.lloyd@uwtsd.ac.uk