Dr Glen Peters conferred as Honorary Fellow by UWTSD


Dr Glen Peters – a renewable energy entrepreneur and cultural philanthropist – has today been conferred an Honorary Fellow by the University of Wales Trinity Saint David during a graduation ceremony in Carmarthen.

Dr Glen Peters

Dr Glen Peters is the Chief Executive Officer of Western Solar Ltd based at Rhosygilwen in North Pembrokeshire – a company that was established in 2011 and was responsible for the construction of the first solar farm in Wales.  Having been voted Eco Entrepreneur of the Year in 2016, Dr Peters’ company went on to design and build Ty Solar, the first solar village for affordable housing.

Ty Solar, a 100 sqm 3-bed prototype home was originally designed in 2017 as a response to today’s inappropriate housing stock.  Today, Ty Solar is a solar village of six houses based on the prototype with the homes renting at 20% below the market rate, making them more affordable in every sense.

Western Solar has also made a massive contribution to the community in terms of job creation, new skills, and local supply chains with around 60% of the total cost of the development supporting the local economy.

Born in India and attending school near Calcutta, Dr Peters’ career has been shaped by his early life. The influence of India manifested itself in a Bachelors degree in Chemistry at City University in London and a Doctorate in Management Science from Henley College. He was elected President of London’s City University Union in 1975 and subsequently joined British Gas where he managed a series of major construction projects. In 1988 he was made a partner at Price Waterhouse where he consulted for some of the major international energy companies.

Dr Peters now lives in Rhosygilwen, North Pembrokeshire.  Along with his wife Brenda, Glen has committed himself to the local community and is an ardent supporter of the arts. The beautiful location of his home, Rhosygilwen, has become a centre for arts and music. The series of concerts, initially promoted to raise money for a new piano at Theatr Mwldan, generated such interest and critical acclaim that it became Menter Rhosygilwen, an arts charity dedicated to promoting world class music and culture in rural Pembrokeshire.

On presenting Dr Glen Peters to the congregation, Roger Maidment, Dean of the Faculty of Business and Management said: “Having grown up in India, the endemic lack of financial security which shaped the lives of the majority of the Indians imbued in him a mind set for business and a strong sense that any philanthropic action or technical innovation had to be rooted within a sound business model for it to create sustainable impact.   

“During his career, Dr Peters has been able to bring together his strengths as a scientist, an engineer and a businessman, formulating a strong ethical commitment to renewable energies as a long-term sustainable solution to both regional and global energy challenges.

“Examining complex problems holistically from a business perspective, Dr Peters has explored the way in which we can apply economic value to concepts of well-being, sustainability and community with palpable impact and outcomes.

“Today as we celebrate the achievements of our graduates, we look to their future and honour those within Wales that are making a tangible commitment to protecting that future and securing a positive legacy for the next generation.”

Dr Glen Peters

On receiving the award, Dr Glen Peters noted: “This award means such a lot to me as it’s an accolade that relates so much to the area I live in….this is something really special, it connects me to Wales.”

He went on to offer some words of wisdom to the graduans, many of whom were graduating from the Faculty of Business and Management:

“Always be alert to what’s coming over the pike and the best thing you can do is continue to learn because learning does not stop here at university.  You continue to learn.

“Make sure you’ve got great relationships – relationships you forge at university and the other friendships you have are the bedrock of that flexibility of looking at the future.

“And of course, the last thing is to continue to look for opportunities and continue to be optimistic and I’m sure you’ll all be fantastic leaders in the future if you adopt some of those small things. Thank you very much again and I look forward to your great futures too.”

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