Short Mindfulness course offered at UWTSD in Lampeter


If you’re interested in Mindfulness and would like to learn more about the practice, the University of Wales Trinity Saint David is running an eight week course at its Lampeter campus entitled Mindfulness: finding peace in a frantic world.

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The course will be taught by Heather Fish, a lecturer at University’s the Wales Institute for Work Based Learning, who is also an experienced mindfulness teacher and practitioner.

“Mindfulness has had a lot of coverage in the media over the past few years.  For a meditative practice, with its roots in Buddhism, it is interesting to consider where the practice has found its place in the 21st century,” says Heather. 

“From the NHS, to schools, universities and heavy industry, more and more people are trying it out and finding that it can, indeed, be beneficial for our physical, emotional and mental health,” she adds. 

But what is mindfulness? 

According to Heather, it’s about being awake in the present moment, instead of living our lives on automatic pilot. 

“We spend a lot of our time either reliving or pre-living our lives in the theatre of the mind, focusing on what has happened already and what might happen next.  The practice of mindfulness enables us to bring ourselves back into the moment, once we have noticed that our mind has wandered.

“The body is a great way of managing our minds, which might sound a little strange.  In mindfulness, when we notice our mind has wandered, we come back to the present by bringing our attention to the breath, and the body.  Wherever our minds may go, our bodies can only ever be in the present moment.  Yet mindfulness is not only attention training, we do this with a quality of kindness to ourselves, rather than harshly judging ourselves – which may be our usual approach!”

The course - Mindfulness: finding peace in a frantic world - will take place on Tuesday evenings from 7.00pm until 8.30pm, starting on May 2nd until June 20th 2017.

The course costs £120 or £80 for concessions and will be held at the Founders’ Library on UWTSD’s Lampeter Campus.

If you’re interested in learning more about this practice, you can find out more about the course by contacting Heather directly by emailing  or calling 07988 853174

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Further Information

For further information, please contact Sian-Elin Davies by emailing / 01267 676908 / 07449 998476