St John Cymru Wales visits UWTSD's Help Point


UWTSD’s Help Point received a visit from senior members of St John Cymru Wales who were keen to see the work of the city centre night time project in action.


The Prior for Wales Sir Paul Williams, The Chief Nursing Officer, Professor Jean White, Keith M Dunn OBE, KStJ, Chief Executive for St John Cymru Wales and UWTSD Professor of Practice and former High Sherriff of West Glamorgan Donna Mead joined a Saturday night shift which lasted until the early hours.

Professor Mead said: “It was good to see the team in action on Saturday night. As always the students were extremely professional and the Chief Nursing Officer, Professor Jean White was extremely impressed with their volunteering ethos and dedication. They are excellent ambassadors for the University.”

UWTSD’s Bronwen Williams, Programme Director for Law and Public Services Portfolio, said: “The visitors wanted to see and  talk to all the people involved in the running of the help point which included the METPOL volunteers. They were very impressed by the dedication of the students, giving up their student nights out to work long anti-social hours and  also to do it alongside their part time work and university studies.

Emily James and Skye shannon who are both senior  team leaders at the Help Point were able to show the visitors what they did when they took them on a call  to assist an intoxicated female on Wind Street. They impressed them with their professionalism, calmness and efficiency in dealing with the patient, quickly transporting them back to the help point and handing them over to the St John team.

“They are accredit to the help point and are great ambassadors for  UWTSD,” added Bronwen.

The help point has been instrumental in helping to deliver the #WhereIsYourMate campaign, launched in September 2016 to try and reduce the number of young people finding themselves in vulnerable positions when out in town.

Since it started there is still a worrying number of young people finding themselves alone and vulnerable on a night out.  The Swansea Help Point was set up 3 years ago, running every Wednesday and Saturday night 10pm till 4am to look after injured, intoxicated and vulnerable people in the night time economy. It has so far treated nearly 3500 people and reduced the number of ambulances to the city centre and the strain on A&E on these key nights.

The need for the Help Point is still very much there and the number of intoxicated and vulnerable people getting separated from their friends on a night out is still too high.

The campaign has since been supported and promoted by Swansea University and First Cymru, there have also been a number of assemblies in schools and colleges across Swansea to help spread the message further. 

The campaign aims to encourage young people to stay together on a night out, that they go home with the person they came out with and to not leave their friends to wonder off alone.

The idea is to encourage young people to look out for each other, to not go into a club and leave their friends outside if they have not been allowed in, to know who they are going home with, that they have a meeting point if they lose one another and that they have their friends number handy, not just on their phone.

Bronwen said: “We see a lot of people with dead phones on Wind Street with no way of calling their friends. We do have some chargers in the Help Point but not for all phones, so having the number written done would mean that they could be called to meet their friend.  Over the summer an Information Point was trialled in the city centre to help people find and contact their friends when they have become separated. Nobody wants to stop people enjoying themselves we just want to see that people are kept safe.

The campaign has a simple message

THINK: #WhereIsYourMate

Go out together, Come home together.

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