Swansea Laptop Orchestra present loadbang!


The University of Wales Trinity Saint David is hosting the launch of Swansea Laptop Orchestra’s debut album, loadbang!

Jenn and Simon on stage

The album launch precedes a busy weekend for the band who will be making numerous appearances at the Swansea Fringe Festival, which is being held at various venues across the city this coming weekend. On Friday night, the band will be making a headline appearance in Swansea Fringe: Weird and Wired at TechHub in Swansea, a gig which will see them joined by Cardiff’s Atomic Supermen and others.

The band have also collaborated with Swansea International Festival to product NAWR October, a series of concerts that will bring a variety of experimental musicians from all over the world to perform in Swansea as part of the festival, including jazz saxophonist Evan Parker and American musican, composer, and visual artist Phillip Corner.

Jenn Kirby

Swansea Laptop Orchestra is comprised of Music Technology lecturers Dr. Jenn Kirby and Simon Kilshaw, based in Swansea Studios at Swansea College of Art, University of Wales Trinity Saint David. They use hacked game controllers, laptops, sensors and other bits of tech, to create and perform experimental, classical, electroacoustic and electronic music. Controllers are used to track the performers' gestures and theatrical movements, bringing a unique physicality to electronic music and creating a symbiotic audiovisual experience. Jenn Kirby said: "We are really looking forward to hosting NAWR and the Swansea International Festival in the BBC Hall for this years festival. We are so pleased to be welcoming musicians from the U.S. Switzerland and the around the UK perform in this beautiful acoustic space."

They build their own tools bringing theatre, physicality and humour to the performance of electronic and laptop music. The title of the album, loadbang! refers to the object in the programming environments PureData and Max, that the laptop orchestra use to build their own software and virtual musical instruments. Swansea Laptop Orchestra have come on the electronic music and avant garde scenes with a bang, performing in festivals around the UK and contributing to the growing experimental music scene in the South-West.

Simon Kilshaw

Further Information

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