Swansea Laptop Orchestra Radio 3 Late Junction - Exposure Cardiff


Broadcast on Radio 3 on January 26 at 11pm: Late Junction with Verity Sharp.

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verity sharp and jenn kirby

Swansea Laptop Orchestra

Based within the Swansea College of Art at the University of Wales Trinity Saint David, the Swansea Laptop Orchestra recently recorded a live session for Radio 3’s Late Junction show. Swansea Laptop Orchestra use hacked game controllers, laptops, sensors and other bits of tech and non-tech, to create and perform experimental, classical, electroacoustic, and electronic music.

Controllers are used to track the performers' gestures and theatrical movements, bringing a unique physicality to electronic music and creating a symbiotic audio-visual experience. “The expressive gestures that they made appeared to influence the sound – whether sweepingly circular, or a mysterious passing, or wringing of hands."[1]

The SLO aim to push the boundaries of performance in electronic music and “manage to get rid of the stereotypical ‘checking your emails on stage’ look and are bringing a new approach to experimental music performance. Consider a similar approach to the school of IRCAM in France, the spectral compositions of 20th century Modernists, combined with amazingly playful future music instruments."[2]


Jenn Kirby is a composer, performer, software developer and academic based in Swansea. She holds a PhD in Composition from Trinity College Dublin. Her work ranges from instrumental composition, to electroacoustic, to laptop orchestra and the performance of live electronics, sound art, and performance art. Jenn's work explores elements of theatricality, humour and subversion.

Jenn is the Programme Director for Music (Performance and Production) at the University of Wales Trinity Saint David.


Simon Kilshaw is a composer, performer, sonic artist, songwriter, producer, software designer, inventor, and instrument builder.

His work is inspired by the early 20th century pioneers of electronic noise machines, particularly the Italian Futurist movement. He invents new musical instruments using a wide variety of digital technologies - from sensors and tracking hardware to pure coded environments - and composes new repertoire for them. In this way, Simon describes his research as ‘Digital Lutherie’. His recent work has been in the development of bespoke audio system extensions for the Unity Game Engine.

Simon is the Programme Director for Music Technology at the University of Wales Trinity Saint David.


Paul Hazel is a musician, composer, and record producer with many releases on the Rising High, Rotation, Inspiral, Instinct, 2Kool, and Masters At Work labels. He composed and produced the music for the short films Shore Leave and The Dirt Inside, the Canal+ documentary La Ñ En La Araña, and a theme for Channel 5 TV.

Paul is the Head of School of Film and Digital Media at University of Wales Trinity Saint David.


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