UWTSD Students' Union Group President delivers emotional speech to Graduates


An emotional speech, beautifully delivered to our graduates in Carmarthen from UWTSD’s newly-elected students’ union group president Rob Simkins.

"It’s a great pleasure to congratulate each and every one of you – not only for completing your degree and graduating, but also for the contribution that you have all made to our University.

This year, through the SU, you have run more student-led activity than ever before – our clubs, societies and campaigns have gone from strength to strength and that is down to your passion, energy and commitment.

Now that you’re graduating things are going to be very different… You might not be out in Spread, Savannah’s or Wind Street quite so much. Waking up on a Thursday morning might not be quite so painful, the bars in town will miss you all dearly!

Even though for many of you this will be the end of your time in Carmarthen and as a student, there’s a message I’d like you to take away from your time here. This year students at Carmarthen have worked with the University to improve the lives of students and the local community. You spoke up about things that mattered to you, and things you wanted to change.

You spoke up about our campus facilities, sports, and course costs, and the University has listened and made changes. The SU won the Education Award this year through NUS Wales and that was due to the feedback you as students gave us.

You spoke up and those changes happened. It is because of your voice, your commitment, that those changes were possible. It’s our job in the Students’ Union to stand up for your rights as students. We don’t fight for you, we fight with you.

But now – as you leave University as successful graduates – I ask you to continue to stand up for your rights and the things that you are passionate about. It’s so important that you continue the lessons of engagement you've learned here. Take part, turn up, vote, be active in your community, debate, and shape the world around you.

It has never been more important for everyone to play a role in shaping society, go out there, be the example and show people that we are a generation who cares and that we are prepared to lead.

As a students’ union we are proud to have represented you, I’m proud to have known you and I’m proud of what you’ve achieved. Good luck for the future, remember your time here fondly and, come September, think of us here preparing to survive another Freshers’.

I’m delighted to be the new Group President, and I’m really excited that we’ve voted in a new team of officers, to take us forward. The world is your stage now, try not to break any legs!

Congratulations and good luck!



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