UWTSD welcomes back graduate Dan Hawkes for Masterclass


University of Wales Trinity Saint David were pleased to welcome back graduate Daniel Hawkes to give a Masterclass for undergraduate students on the challenges facing data management. Daniel studied BSc (Hons) Business Information Technology as a part time student at UWTSD School of Applied Computing whilst he was also working and he graduated from UWTSD in 2016. He is now a Complex Analysis Manager for BT, looking at big data and business intelligence.

Daniel said: “I was already doing a technical role within BT but I needed more business knowledge and theory. BSc Business Information Technology helps you from a corporate perspective because it has a nice balance between data and business. I would not be here without doing both the degree and my job. They went hand-in-hand. The degree sets you up for the future because it gives you a rounded understanding of how businesses operate. The lecturers at the School of Applied Computing are fantastic – I would recommend the course, the university, everything.”

Daniel gave a Masterclass to Undergraduate students who are enrolled on the BSc Business Information Technology course. He explained how the modules they were undertaking, such as Data Warehousing, Research and Development Methods and Systems Analysis and Design, help businesses in areas such as change management, employee engagement and customer engagement. 

Daniel said: “For me, data driven research is the only way to back up the decisions that you make for your business. Masterclasses like this are important because it helps students see how the things that they are learning now are applicable in the real world.

“The 21st Century is presenting some huge challenges for business. The Internet of Things is a great example of this. Soon, our handheld devices will be communicating with all kinds of difference appliances and collecting data. Big data is going to become huge data and that’s going to present some real challenges. This course helps you gain a rounded understanding from a data perspective to more strategy-level theory and then learning to apply it in real-world examples.”

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