UWTSD’s Dr Jane Davidson to address the SB’17 Copenhagen conference


UWTSD’s Dr Jane Davidson has been invited to address the SB’17 Copenhagen conference ‘To Redefine the Good Life’ on October 31.

Dr Jane Davidson

Dr Davidson will join over 100 global thought leaders and cutting-edge practitioners of environmental and social innovation to present inspirational keynotes, host discussion sessions, provide content-rich resources for deep dive breakouts, and facilitate networking activities at the Sustainable Brands event, which runs from October 30 to November 1 at the Radisson Blu Scandinavia Hotel in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Nassy Avramidis, content development manager at Sustainable Brands said: “The emergence of today’s pressing social and environmental challenges is stirring global business and brand leaders to drive positive change. SB’17 Copenhagen continues in the footsteps of our global initiative launch in Detroit this past May to discover how redefined societal aspirations are transforming the way brands deliver value for their customers. Brand leaders will unite in Copenhagen for a conversation about how businesses can position themselves for success against the backdrop of changing societal needs.”

Dr Davidson, Pro-Vice Chancellor External Engagement and Sustainability will deliver a presentation entitled Doing Business with a Sustainable Country.

Dr Davidson was previously the minister in the Welsh government who promoted the idea of legislation for future generations.

Dr Davidson said: “My session at SB 17 is going to look at how a country can actually become sustainable. Wales is the first country in the world which has legislated to put sustainable development at the heart of everything that the government and the public services in Wales does. The good life is a really important concept. For me, it is about the way in which humans behave in the context of this single planet of ours, but also it’s about the way which governments and public organisations do well for the people they serve.   If you can combine those two elements then you can create a much more sustainable future - you can see growth in new types of industry, new types of services which will not damage this planet of ours and will leave the world in a better state for future generations.  If I am going to redefine the ‘good life’, I want to redefine it for ‘everybody’, that is somebody involved in politics, in the community, in business, in education, or any other walk in life, actively thinking about how their actions will relate to future generations. The sustainable brands initiative being delivered through this conference has a huge opportunity to influence behaviour right across the globe.”

Other select program highlights include Vanessa Rothschild, Sustainability Business Controller at H&M, who will share the strategy that provided the backbone for H&M’s Climate Positive initiative; Chris Grantham, Circular Economy Portfolio Director at IDEO, who will explain how to design in a way that regenerates and adds to Earth’s resources, rather than detracting from it and Leith Sharp, Director of Executive Education for Sustainability at Harvard University, along with the London School of Economics and the World Bank, who will explore the business imperative of purpose-driven leadership and organizational design.

For further information on the conference program and a complete list of confirmed speakers please visit the conference website at www.SB17Copenhagen.com.

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