UWTSD's Lampeter campus gets ready to commemorate Russian Revolution


The Russian Revolution ‘shook the world’ in the 1917, creating reverberations still felt today. To coincide with its centenary, UWTSD is hosting a programme of events – Lenin’s On Sale Again: 100 Years of the Russian Revolution – which seek to revaluate the revolution and its legacies.

Rob Phillips making speech

From October 23–25, UWTSD Lampeter campus stages a series of commemorative events. On Monday October 23, the Faculty of Humanities and Performing Arts and the Confucius Institute host a guest lecture on ‘Bolshevism and Maoism in the Age of Revolution’ by Gregor Benton, Emeritus Professor of Chinese History, Cardiff University. This is followed on Tuesday October 24 by a screening of the film Battleship Potemkin, plus an accompanying discussion about the relationship between the Russian Revolution and cinema. The centrepiece of the week takes place on Wednesday October 25, when staff members from the Faculty of Humanities and Performing Arts host an interdisciplinary workshop on the Russian Revolution. The workshop examines the revolution through the prism of staff members’ academic interests, aiming to shed light on the revolution’s global impact plus its influence on different academic disciplines.

In addition, throughout October the UWTSD library at Lampeter is hosting two special exhibitions featuring different aspects of the Russian Revolution. One traces the dramatic events of 1917 through the pages of the Cambria Daily Leader, with the other profiling the revolutionary poster art of Dmitry Moor. The former has been organised with assistance from the Cymru 1914 project.

Lenin’s On Sale Again: 100 Years of the Russian Revolution hopes to generate discussion and debate between academics, students and the wider public, appealing to specialist and non-specialist alike. Collectively, the events ponder a central question: what does the Russian Revolution mean in the twenty-first century?

Note to Editor

Programme of events:

October 23: Old Hall, 5.15pm

Special lecture: ‘Bolshevism and Maoism in the Age of Revolution’ by Professor Gregor Benton (Cardiff University)

October 24: Cliff Tucker Theatre, 5pm

Screening of Battleship Potemkin            

October 25: Old Hall, 11am–6pm

Interdisciplinary workshop with Faculty of Humanities & Performing Arts staff   

Interdisciplinary workshop programme:

11am – Introduction

Poetry reading by Samantha Wynne-Rhydderch

1.15am – Aesthetics & Faith

1.30pm – Impacts & Responses

Jeni Williams, ‘The Art of Revolution: Russian Modernism and the Exploration of Space and Time’

Brenda Llewellyn Ihssen, ‘The Revolution and Orthodox Christianity: Marxist Christianity and Russian Piety’

1pm – Bullets & Letters

Jeremy Smith, ‘Lessons Learnt: Ireland 1916, Russia 1917’

Kyle Erickson, ‘Spartak Moscow: Mikhail Ivanovich Rostovtzeff, the Russian Revolution and the Creation of the Hellenistic Economy’

Lester Mason, ‘Mr and Mrs Webb Go to Moscow: British Reactions to the Russian Revolution’

Adrian Davis, ‘Russian Revolution at 100: Personal Reflections’

4pm – Interpretations & Revisions

Nick Campion, ‘Unknown Knowns: George W Bush the Leninist’

David Morgans, ‘I Am Not A Marxist: Lenin the Empiricist’

1.15pm - Comparisons & Correspondences

Andy Bevan & Quentin Drew, ‘A Tale of Two Cities: Petrograd 1917, Berlin 1918’

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